Valorant Professional Settings: Sensitivity, Crosshair, Graphics, and More

Professional Valorant players are understandably picky when it comes to their game settings. With tiny things such as DPI affecting someone's playstyle, it makes sense that their settings have to be just right.

Of course, settings in video games are a personal preference. From simple difficulty settings to brightness, each has effects on the player. But with professional gaming, the smallest detail can affect how the game will play out.

The number of professional Valorant players is growing daily. Are you going to join them? Here are professional Valorant settings to look at.

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Dots Per Inch (DPI) settings

Dots per inch or DPI is the speed at which your mouse will move. The lower the DPI is, the slower your mouse will move, as it's moving across fewer dots. An average computer mouse can span from 400 to 3,200 DPI.

Due to Valorant being a shooter, precision is key to getting those kills. This is why Valorant professional players usually choose a lower DPI so their accuracy is increased.

Shroud Valorant settings
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Choosing a DPI of around 800 is good for somebody who is wanting to get into the esports side of Valorant. Sitting at 800 is good for those starting the game, as typical esports players sit around 500-600 DPI.

Valorant sensitivity

Sensitivity is usually based on a Valorant player's playstyle and preferred class type. Players who play high-speed agents such as Raze or Jett will need a higher sensitivity so they can react whilst moving fast.

Using an agent with a rifle should favour a lower sensitivity so reaction times can be more precise. But also, a smaller space around your mouse means that you will need a higher sensitivity to compensate.


When discussing professional players' settings in Valorant, the crosshair is something of importance. The crosshair is unique to the player and most professional players alter theirs to their style.

Tenz a professional Valorant player from Sentinels, has released his own crosshair settings to his fans so they can replicate it for themselves.

Tenz crosshair codes
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He chooses the cyan colour for his crosshair as it is a rare colour to see in the game. This means that the colour can't be confused with another agent or the map, making it easy to see. His crosshair lines are set to a compact 1/6/2/3.

Outlines are turned off to bring that minimalist advantage to his aiming. The centre dot of his crosshair is also turned off but this is a preference. With the dot turned off, it means agents can see more of the map. But when turned on it can be useful for ranged weapons.

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