Valorant Patch 6.02 Release - release date, time and what to expect

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Agents in Valorant

Valorant patch 6.02 has been hit with a delay due to some issues with its testing stage.

On the expected weekend of the patch being in the PBE, no players could access the client.

This means that the patch was not tested by PBE owners and could not be released on the expected date.

So, Riot Games have delayed th patch to ensure that no glaring issues are going to affect gameplay.

As a company that prides itself on its content, this is a great move for the gaming giant.

But, the community are wondering when the new patch will be released.

So, let's look at the release date and time for Valorant patch 6.02 and how this might look for all players.

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Valorant Patch 6.02 Release Date

The new release date after the PBE issue will be a week later than expected.

So, we should expect to see the content in the PBE on February 3 2023.

Patch 6.02 will come to the live game a week later on February 7 2023.

Patch 6.03 should still be expected at the usual time and will be released one week later instead of two.

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Release Time

There is no exact release time for the content in Valorant but we can look at past updates and make some speculation.

Usually, Valorant updates are released at 4 pm PT. But, this will look different in other time zones.

Here are some other time zones and their respective release times...

  • 4 pm PT
  • 12 am GMT
  • 6 pm CT
  • 7 pm ET

What was the Delay for the new Valorant Patch?

Patch 6.02 was not the main issue and the cause of the delay, instead it was the actual PBE client.

The testing stage on the PBE was supposed to begin on January 21 2023. However, this was not possible.

Valorant agent on a computer
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Players on the PBE were not even able to log in to see the new content on the PBE.

Because of this, Riot has decided to move the new patch to a later date by a week.

However, this supposedly has not affected the release dates afterwards.

Any further updates will be put directly into this article.

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