Valorant Patch 5.03: Patch Notes, Details, Leaks, Nerfs and More

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Valorant has received multiple updates since its release back in 2020. Riot Games regularly update all their titles to keep in flow with how the game changes.

This latest update for Valorant comes as a sigh of relief for players. Chamber, one of the strongest Agents is getting a nerf! He has been an issue with the strength of his abilities. however, with the changes to his kit, this may not be the case anymore. These patch notes have come from the PBE, so may change up until the final release.

So, let's take a look at the details of the 5.03 patch notes tested in the PBE.

Table of Contents

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Valorant Chamber nerfs

Chamber has been an issue since his release in the game really. His abilities are so strong that he dominates almost every game. This is why Riot is nerfing him so that gameplay can become fair.

Rendezvous (E)

  • Base Cooldown increased 20s >>> 30s
  • Recall Cooldown increased 20s >>> 30s
  • Cooldown set to 45s whenever a Rendezvous anchor is destroyed
  • Radius Size decreased 21m >>> 15m

Trademark (C)

  • Slow Duration decreased 9.5 >>> 6s

Tour De Force (X)

  • Ultimate Points Required increased 7 >>> 8
  • Slow Duration decreased 9.5 >>> 6s
  • Tour De Force leg shot multiplier reduced 1.0 >>> 0.85

Headhunter (Q)

  • Bullet Cost increased 100 >>> 150

Neon buffs and nerfs

Neon has had a pretty huge nerf added to her ultimate. however, she has also had some buffs to her kit too. Let's take a look here.

  • Damage per shot reduced 22 >>> 18
  • Leg shot multiplier reduced 1.0 >>> 0.85
  • Killzone increased 15m >>> 20m
  • Headshot multiplier increased 1 >>> 3

This shows that Riot Games want to increase the difficulty of the agent. Getting headshots is more heavily rewarded now. however, this does mean her ultimate is a lot harder to get kills with.

Valorant Jett nerf

The changes to Jett aren't too heavy. Especially compared to the Neon changes made.

  • Bladestorm (X) leg shot multiplier reduced 1.0 >>> 0.8


In the lead-up to this patch, leakers have found a bunch of information for new content added to Valorant.

@ValorLeaks showed a new UI for agents with their abilities and agent type explained.

The same account also posted about a Fortnite - styled emote system coming to the game. The featured video showed Jett doing a number of emotes.