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Valorant Patch 5.03 COUNTDOWN: Release Date, Time, and Patch Notes

Riot Games have delayed Valorant patch 5.03 due to their scheduled week off from work. However, the update is due to be released tomorrow and fans are excited about it.

The time away also allowed Riot engineers to update the game's engine so it can keep up with other games. However, during this time the PBE for Valorant has tested changes in the game. These included buffs and nerfs to agents and possibly some new emotes added.

So, let's take a look at when this content will be added and at what time.

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Valorant patch 5.03 COUNTDOWN

Valorant Patch 5.03 COUNTDOWN

Patch 5.03 release date and time

The latest Valorant patch will be released on August 9 2022. However, each time zone will receive the game at different times, here they are..

  • 6 am PST
  • 9 am EST
  • 1 pm GMT
  • 2 pm BST

Riot has decided to upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.26 for the latest patch. This means that the dev team have more told to work with at a better quality too. We should expect to see better-looking assets and agents in this patch with the new engine.

Patch 5.03 changes

This newest valorant patch will see Chamber getting a nerf. A sigh of relief can be heard amongst the whole community. This agent has been causing issues for many players due to the strength he possesses. Additionally, we're hoping that this nerf will bring him back down to earth for a bit.

Neon is receiving both buffs and a nerf. However, Neon fans are hyper-focussing on the nerf. This is probably because it's nerfing the singular strongest ability in the game, her ultimate.

Jett from Valorant
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In comparison, Jett is receiving only a tiny nerf which hardly affects her kit. She was one of the luckier agents.

There are other leaked changes coming in this patch too. You can read about them here in the patch 5.03 details for Valorant.

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