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Valorant: The Oni Bundle May be Next in Line to Get a 2.0 Update

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Valorant Oni bundle may be getting a 2.0 update if these leaks are to be believed.

This comes shortly after the Ion 2.0 bundle update which added a whole host of new guns.

The Oni bundle is much loved in the community and players are excited about more weapons.

Valorant bundles usually get four weapon skins and a melee skin. However, these updated skins will get a few more guns added.

So, let's take a look at the possible leaks and any other information we have about the Valorant Oni 2.0 Bundle.

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Valorant Oni 2.0 bundle

The original Oni bundle included the Bucky, Shorty, Guardian and Phantom.

However, the new bundle won't include any of these weapons in the new bundle supposedly.

A tweet from @TNAVegod showed some concept art for the 2.0 bundle.

The pink and black variant really spices up the skinline and adds some nice contrasts.

Additionally, the tweet mentioned a new trailer for the skinline which is currently in production.

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Giving Back Bundle

The game's Giving Back Bundle is also returning to the game.

There is also currently an option for the Oni Phantom to return to the game.

So, even if this skinline is not getting a 2.0 update, players can still vote for the return of an Oni skin.

Other Valorant 2.0 bundles

So far, there isn't any official information from Riot Games about any newly updated bundles.

However, their recent interest and updates of other bundles hint that this may be a big possibility.

Additionally, we aren't even sure what guns will be included in the 2.0 update. All we can do is wait for official information.

Any further details about this new bundle will be updated here!

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