Valorant on Consoles Confirmed by Riot Games in Dev Video

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Valorant is a game perfect for consoles with its first-person shooter style and fast-paced gameplay.

Riot Games have confirmed that the esports classic will be brought to consoles in the future.

However, some new information has surfaced in a developer video which was posted recently.

The official Riot games video mentioned when the game would be coming to consoles along with some new game modes.

One of these new game modes was the new team deathmatch which fans have been asking for.

So, let's take a look at what was said about Valorant coming to consoles and what this means for the community and players.

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Dev Video Responses to Valorant on Consoles

A recent official video posted to the Youtube channel for the game shed some more light on the situation.

They once again confirmed that Valorant will be making its way to consoles, but there may be a wait.

Despite how perfect the game is for consoles, players will have to wait just a little longer to sit down on their sofa and play.

The official statement from Donlan said...

“We are continuing our work on bringing Valorant to new platforms, It’s going slower than we’d hoped.”

She then went on to say that this process is taking a little longer as Riot want to "get it right" and avoid any mistakes.

So, whilst the wait may be a little frustrating, it's good that Riot only wants to put out the best for their players.

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When will the game Come to Console?

So far, there isn't much official information about the exact release date of Valorant to console.

However, with some speculation, the dev video is all about looking ahead to 2023.

Jett from Valorant
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So, players should expect to see Valorant hitting their consoles by the end of 2023.

Perhaps players won't have to wait as long as they thought to play Valorant on their Playstations or Xbox.

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