Valorant: New Skin Bundle 'Kohaku and Matsuba' Release and Price

Valorant has had a brand new skin bundle released today with new skins for various different weapons.

Riot Games really looked for beauty when designing this skinline as it perfectly shows an oriental design.

The unique feature of this bundle skin set is that the melee weapon skin is for the fan.

Kohaku and Matsuba are available in the Valorant store which can be found upon loading up the game.

So, let's take a look at the release date and pricing of the Kohaku and Matsuba set in Valorant.

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Kohaku and Matsuba Valorant bundle release date

The official Twitter account posted yesterday about the new skinline.

They stated that the skinline will be released today, September 8 2022.

Players can get the skin bundle in their store from today onwards.

Kohaku and Matsuba weapons

The weapons shown to be included in the new skin bundle are...

  • Classic
  • Judge
  • Phantom
  • Operator
  • Melee Fan

The original tweet also showed some short gameplay videos of the skin weapons in action.

Kohaku and Matsuba Valorant skin
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Fans generally responded well. However, you can't please them all as some fans thought the fan design was pretty boring.

New skin bundle pricing

Valorant skins are usually more than fairly priced.

This holds true for this new skin bundle which is a Deluxe edition skinline.

Deluxe skins are always priced at 1275 VP for individual skin and 5,100 VP per full bundle.

Unique Valorant fan skin

There have only ever been two skin sets with the fan skin, the first is the new Kohaku and Matsuba skinline and the second is the Celestial skinline.

This could be a big incentive for fan enjoyers to buy the skinline or just the skin for that fan.

Additionally, Twitter user @666KArt had already designed his own Koi-themed rendition of the fan which was met with many likes.

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