New Codename of Valorant Agent Leaked

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The latest agent's codename in Valorant has been leaked. And with a codename of "Mage", it seems that Valorant is about to get a whole load more mystical.

Valorant usually releases a new agent every two months. As Fade was released on April 27, it is time for a new agent to join in. And leakers seem to have found the name of the newest agent to take that place.

The little bit of information from a Twitter Valorant leak has caused a trail to be seen by those loyal fans. So let's follow them down it.

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The leak for the new Valorant agent

The Twitter account that posts Valorant leaks for the game has stated that the new agent could be called "Mage".


There are currently four agents who are on the sentinel and controller rosters. However, with the most recent release, Fade, being an initiator, it seems probable that Mage may be a controller or sentinel. But with that codename, a controller is seeming more likely.

To clarify, all players have to go off is the leaked name. However, the name can tell a lot about the agent. Obviously using some type of magic, the agent may bring a new way to play the game.

Twitter user @LeanIze discovered a new face on the cards included within the new battle pass. A female with blonde and purple hair could well be the new agent leak, Mage. Additionally, with purple being a key colour to mages, it would make sense.

Possible Mage agent spotted in the Valorant Episode 5 Act 1 battle pass
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Release Date


As we only have the codename leak to go off from. There are no extra details regarding the potential release of this agent.

But, as fans do, speculation has come to suspect that the release will be in the next act or so, Episode 5 Act 2 or 3.