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Valorant Newest Map City of Flowers - Release date, leaks, and more

Valorant newest map has had some pretty big leaks with its codename and full name revealed.

It seems that these leaks suggest that Riot is taking inspiration from Harbor and his heritage for the design.

The map is codenamed Jam but also has the title of City of Flowers which is obvious with a particular leak.

There hasn't yet been any official information from Riot Games, but there should be soon.

So, let's take a look at all of the information we have from leaks for the newest map in Valorant, City of Flowers.

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City of Flowers Valorant Map Official Teasers

City of Flowers, the name of the map, was the first leak to come out about this newest space.

The map did have an official teaser which was seen by hitting level 50 in the battle pass.

Riot does love their teasers as another one was seen in an audio log between Brimstone and Harbor.

Within this teaser, they talked about how the City of Flowers could be the location of a catastrophic shockwave.

Which needs to be stopped before irreparable damage unfolds.

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City of Flowers Leaks

Several reliable leakers have released some information about the newest map in-game.

Mike at @ValorLeaks released the codename way back at the start of this month.

Another esteemed leaker @valorantleaksEN also showed the location of the new map as a possibility.

As Harbor comes from Indian heritage, the new map also ties in nicely as it looks like it's set in India.

Valorant Newest Map Release Date

As the teasers have been increasing slowly over the past month, it can be assumed that the map will drop soon.

Many players think that the map will drop in the next act of the game.

So, Act 6, Season 1 looks like the right time for the new map to go live.

This new act is released on January 9, 2023.

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