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Valorant: A Guide on How to Use Custom Crosshair Colours

Valorant Haven map

Riot Games have made it possible for Valorant players to alter their crosshairs. This is particularly useful for people who struggle with the current crosshair or simply who want to play like their favourite pros.

Before patch 5.04, players had little choice with this customisation and could only choose between green, white, yellowy green, yellowy cyan, pink, or red. This new option will let players choose from any colour as well as how bright they want the crosshair to be.

This small change adds a new level of customization to the game. It improves the players' gaming experience and also makes Valorant more immersive.

So, let's take a look at this guide on how to change custom colours for the Valorant crosshair.

How to add custom colour to a Valorant crosshair

The dedicated Crosshair menu in Valorant lets players alter the way their crosshair looks in-game.

This is done by entering a hexadecimal number into the menu to change it to the corresponding colour. These can be found online to make it simpler to figure out.

Valorant pro crosshair
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Here's how to access and change these settings.

  1. Load up Valorant.
  2. Click 'Esc' to enter the Settings menu.
  3. Click the Crosshair and then go to 'Primary'.
  4. Choose 'Custom' from the drop-down menu.
  5. Input the RGB numbers for the desired colours.
  6. If you put in an invalid code, then the crosshair will revert to the previous colour.

If you have done this correctly, you will see the new crosshair when you get into the game. Altering the crosshair shape will also give you another level of customisation so you can feel comfortable when playing.

It's also possible to import other players' crosshairs. To do that, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Open the Crosshair Settings
  3. Click on the Import Profile option
  4. Paste the Crosshair Profile Code
  5. Click on Import
  6. Choose a name for your crosshair profile

This way, you can use the crosshairs of your favourite pro players or streamers. If one of your friends also has a great crosshair, you can ask him for his crosshair profile code, and add it to your game.

Scope settings

There are also settings for changing your crosshair when looking down a scope.

Valorant Operator
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These can be accessed in the 'Crosshair' menu under the 'Sniper Scope' option in the same way as detailed above.

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