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Valorant: How to Fix All Error Codes

For any Valorant gamer, there is nothing worse than getting online to see an error flash up. This is particularly harder to fix without an error code. However, Riot Games like to help players even when things go wrong.

Error codes are springing up all over the place as users search for fixes. This is probably down to the updated Unreal engine which has been causing some teething issues. However, recently there has been a return of the issue. Players are wondering how to get these codes to disappear and what they actually mean.

So, let's take a look at what error codes mean and how players can fix them to return back to the field.

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What are error codes?

Error codes are the way of telling the user that something is up. A fault in the client, a hardware fault or just the game deciding not to work. All are able to give players an error code in-game.

Valorant error code
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However, just a code for the issue isn't useful for players. Knowing what that code means and how to fix it is key to returning back to happy gaming.

Their meanings and how to fix them

Below are all the possible error codes for Valorant, what they mean, and a solution.

  • Error code 4, Your display name is invalid - Changing your Riot ID should work.
  • Error code 5, Account was logged into elsewhere - Log out on all devices.
  • Error code 7, Couldn't connect to session service - Your account may be suspended, check your email.
  • Error code 8-21, Problems with the Rito client - Restart the client.
  • Error code 31, Failed to get player name information - Restart the client.
  • Error code 33, The Riot Client process was closed - Restart the client.
  • Error code 43, A system has timed out - Restart the client.
  • Error code 44, Vanguard not initialised - Restart the client.
  • Error code 45, Vanguard Reboot required - Restart the client and if the issue is still there, uninstall vanguard.
  • Error code 46, platform downtime - Scheduled downtime for patches, come back later.
  • Error code 49, Chat did not initialise - Restart the client.
  • Error code 50, Voice did not initialise - Restart the client.
  • Error code 51, Problem creating a party - Restart the client.
  • Error code 52, Problem fetching skill information for players - Restart the client.
  • Error code 53, Problem with Riot client chat - Restart the client.
  • Error code 54, Content service failure - Restart the client.
valorant raze reina neon
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As you can see, the age-old dilemma can mostly be fixed with an age-old solution... 'turn it off and on again'.

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