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*LATEST* Valorant Episode 5 Night Market Returns: Release Date, Leaks, Details, and More

Valorant Night Market is making a return in 2022. Many fans are not aware of its return happening soon. However, the information has now been confirmed.

Cosmetic goods in Valorant have always been well designed. The Riot Games dev teams have put a lot of work into each new cosmetic that is brought out.

The Valorant team also have an interesting system where skins are only in the store for a limited time. This means that unless you are extremely lucky with your daily shop, skins may be a one-time thing. This is why Valorant Night Market is a brilliant addition to the game.

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*LATEST* Night Market confirmed by Riot

The official Valorant Twitter posted a tweet today stating the return of the Night Market. And as usual, the dates from ValorLeaks were spot on. The event had been confirmed to start on July 20 and end on August 2. That's just under two weeks of cheaper goodies.

What is the Night Market?

The Night Market is basically the lightning deal section on Amazon. Flash deals are in the market which keeps prices way down low. However, the market also brings back old skin lines which aren't able to be purchased anymore.

Valorant old skinline
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This is why Valorant players get so excited for the event, the opportunity to purchase older skin lines is great for those who have missed out.

When will the Market return?

The Night Market returns with every Valorant act. With the newest act finally out, fans are preparing for when the night market will be released.

So far, there has been no official information about the event. However, Twitter user @ValorLeaks has posted a Tweet stating when the event will drop.

This means that the event should happen from...

  • North America: 20th July 2022
  • Europe: 20th July 2022
  • Southeast Asia: 21st July 2022

Night Market usually only lasts for around two weeks. So, if these dates are correct, the event will end on August 3 for North America and Europe and august 4 for Southeast Asia.

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