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Valorant Champions: LOUD Announced Winners After OpTic Defeat

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LOUD took the Valorant Champions title last night after a long set of matches against OpTic.

The team have had a pretty solid time during each stage of the Valorant Champion matches.

However, their struggle against OpTic had fans on the edge of their seats. But obviously, the best team came out ahead!

So, let's take a look at the matches that crowned LOUD the winners of the Valorant Champions 2022!

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LOUD off to a rough start

LOUD fans were a little disappointed entering the first matches against OpTic.

LOUD could not hold the win for the first two rounds and you could see the discouragement on their faces.

Of course, this did not get to LOUD as they pushed through and won the next six matches.

LOUD's key focus has always been on the defensive and they showed how they master this strategy.

OpTic was denied access to any of the sites due to the leadership of Sacy.

LOUD in Bind

The map Bind was LOUD's pick. Despite this, OpTic dominated with a 10-2 lead.

This was a setback for LOUD, especially due to their long-term rivalry which has always kept games interesting.

LOUD's attempt at a comeback did not end well as the American team held their own and won those matches.

Too BreEZy for the Valorant Champions

With OpTic winning that last set of matches, their confidence was high as they streamed into the defensive strategy.

This seemed to work in their favour as LOUD were held back with 6-1 points to OpTic.

However, the winners of Valorant Champions would not let that get in the way as they levelled the playing field to 6-6.

LOUD Valorant Champions winenrs
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From here, the game grew tense as they equalled each other's attacks and defences.

This even lead into the overtime where Aspas made some great plays which caught OpTic off guard and lead to another win.

Haven Valorant Champions

The final map choice was from OpTic. But this did not hold LOUD back from becoming the champions of the huge esports event.

Halftime came around and after a tense set of rounds, the scoreline was at 7-5.

This all culminated in LOUD winning six straight rounds to claim their title.

As Valorant Champions 2022 has now finished, teams will begin the process of more training and maybe some reshuffles.

The next competitive year will begin with a brand new partnership program.

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