What is Riot Games Vanguard?

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Riot Games Vanguard is the most effective anti-cheat tool out there at the moment.

The security software does much more than that to keep players safe though.

With two sections to the software, players are protected from many more angles and against many more threats.

Currently, this tool is being used for Valorant and runs as a separate client to support all players.

Riot Games have always been one to support and keep their players at the heart of their work.

A recent update for the system has now also been revealed by Riot Games.

So, let's look at what Riot Games Vanguard is and how it works to protect players of Valorant.

What is Riot Games Vanguard?

Riot Games Vanguard is a security tool for Valorant players which helps keep the community safe from cheating.

It has a client which runs whilst Valorant is open as well as a kernel mode driver.

Game safety and personal computer safety are the focus of this software.

Along with this software comes the protection of privacy and players' data, which are also key to safety.

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Vanguard Recent Update

The latest version of this software allows players to have a little more control of the system.

There is a visible System Tray icon which shows when Vanguard is open and running.

Additionally, this means that Vanguard can be turned on and off instead of having to restart your PC.


There have recently been some issues where the update was not letting the security software update which meant that the game could not be played.

However, Riot has now resolved this issue and this should no longer affect players.

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The official support page for Valorant stated that the software must be running when playing Valorant to ensure safety.

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