Na'Vi Celestials are the Latest Newbies to Valorant Esports with All Female Roster

Na'Vi has formed their very own female Valorant esports team. With the intent to perform in the Game Changers event, they want to go far.

Female Valorant players are becoming more and more popular. As the gender gap closes in gaming, more professional gamers of all genders are competing. The industry is becoming a progressive and inclusive space.

Na'Vi is jumping on the inclusive train as they have formed their full female Valorant roster. Titled Na'Vi Celestials, the team was previously with FUT esports but has changed to play with Na'Vi instead.

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The announcement

The announcement for the team came from the official Twitter of Na'Vi. The short video showed the new players wearing the outfit of their favourite Valorant agents. The spooky atmosphere suddenly shifted as it showed a behind-the-scenes section.

The comment section of the Twitter post expressed admiration for the team. With a new generation of female gamers, this team is sure to make its way up there in the esports world.

Na'Vi Celestials competitors

So far, Na'Vi Celestials has four out of five of its competitors.

These include:

  • Aslıhan “proxima” Uslu
  • Süreyya “Gia” Bayel
  • Zeynep “Ritha” Sualp
  • Reyhan “Sephia” Şimşek

Proxima, Gia, and Ritha previously competed under the Oxygen banner. This was before joining FUT Esports. They already have some great achievements under their belt. They secured fourth place at the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) Game Changers Two. This was in Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

However, Celestials are currently looking for a fifth player to complete the team. Na'Vi said...

"The roster will be fully staffed in the near future as we are awaiting the completion of a series of tryouts."

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