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My Valorant Badge - How to create your personalised badge

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Riot Games have created a new cosmetic item in Valorant that the player can personalise themselves.

My Valorant Badge is the newest webpage for the game which lets players flex on their friends and foes.

Additionally, the badge shows their favourite agent alongside the stats for that agent too.

Badges can be shared on social media and create a name for yourself within the Valorant community.

Multiple badges can be made for those who seriously want to show off to people.

So, let's take a look at a guide on how to create your very own badges in Valorant and how to share these.

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How to Create Badges in My Valorant Badge

Creating a badge on this website is super easy and won't take too much time.

So long as you aren't somebody who takes their time with personalisation anyway.

Valorant badge creator
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However, before you start, all players must have a valid Riot Games account which has played Valorant within the past month.

You are only able to choose agents which you have played recently as they will have your recent stats.

So, once these are set up, let's see how we create badges.

  1. Firstly, go to the official website for My Valorant Badge.
  2. Click on 'Create your Badge'
  3. When prompted to log in with your Riot Games account, do so.
  4. Then, select the agent that you want to feature on your badge.
  5. Continue the customisation and choose the colour of the card you want.
  6. Then when you're happy with your badge, share it on your social media!

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What Can I Show on my Badge?

Your game stats will show on your badge, specific to the agent that you chose.

Valorant badge creator guide
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Here are the stats which will show on your badge.

  • KD
  • Damage/Round
  • Win Rate
  • Headshot Accuracy
  • Rank

So, make sure you choose your main and show off your best stats!

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