UFC Fight Night 120: The 3 best bets for ‘Poirier vs Pettis’

The UFC heads to Norfolk, Virginia for UFC Fight Night 120 headlined by Dustin Poirier and Anthony Pettis. We're back with your three best bets for this weekend.

Just one week after the exceptional weekend of mixed martial arts at UFC 217, the UFC is preparing for UFC Fight Night 120 in Norfolk, Virginia.

We’ve got three underdog bets for you as we approach UFC Fight Night 120:

  1. 1 Poirier to beat Pettis

    The main event of UFC Fight Night 120 is must-watch mixed martial arts action.

    Dustin Poirier will step inside the UFC's octagon to compete against Anthony "Showtime" Pettis after his strange no contest with Eddie Alvarez at UFC 211. Poirier has remarkably improved through his last couple of appearances inside the cage and it's often easy to forget that he is just 28-years-old.

    Recently, it's been Poirier's boxing that has been most impressive. He tagged Eddie Alvarez repeatedly in their bout and looked to be on the way to finishing the fight before Alvarez recovered and worked his way back into the contest. His hands have always been an asset, but ever since the Michael Johnson fight, we've seen them land more often and more powerfully.

    Poirier's up against Pettis and this fight looks to be Pettis' first opportunity to make it two wins in a row since 2014 at first glance. But, however good Pettis has looked in the first round lately, he has declined greatly as the fight progresses. If Pettis can't end Poirier's night early, we may just see Dustin walk through him in the second and third round before ending this fight before the mid-way point of the 25 minutes.

    Bet: Dustin Poirier to win
    $10 to return $21

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  2. 2 Sanchez to stun Brown

    Diego Sanchez looks like a favorable underdog bet for you as we approach UFC Fight Night 120.

    The basis for backing Sanchez instead of Brown in this fight is not just that the bookmakers should have released the odds much closer than they actually, but also because he has a realistic chance of finishing Brown with his swarming rush-attack.

    Can you remember how impressed everyone was with Diego Sanchez after he unanimously beatdown Marcin Held at UFC Fight Night 98? Well, after he was obliterated by Al Iaquinta in April this year, everyone is quickly back to writing off Sanchez before he even steps inside the cage. It makes sense, too. The guy hasn't had two consecutive wins since 2011.

    However, he has one unique attack that could catch Matt Brown sleeping. Brown has always been relatively hesitant when an opponent moves inside his range, but this was never more the case than when he fought Donald Cerrone at UFC 206. Surprisingly, it took Cerrone until the third round to land cleanly on Brown's chin, despite him leaving it straight up in the air and offering no real way of defending his opponent's advances.

    Diego Sanchez's forward slide combined with wild punches is not a pretty sight, but it could be extremely effective against Matt Brown this weekend.

    Bet: Diego Sanchez to win
    $10 to return $39.90

  3. 3 Lauzon to defeat Guida

    Joe Lauzon can fight exceptionally well across all aspects of the game. If you break down each of his tools, you'd actually think he would be a top-ranked guy in the division rather than someone who is entering a fight with Clay Guida as the underdog.

    The problem with Lauzon, however, is that we never seem to get consistency from him.

    Sometimes we see the spectacular first-round knockout type of fighter like we saw at UFC 200 when he smoked Diego Sanchez in 1:26. Occasionally we get to see Lauzon act as a crafty submission expert off his back. But seemingly more often than not lately, we see a fighter who is losing at the end of the 15 minutes.

    Guida has definitely shown a return of form lately after nearly defeating Brian Ortega at UFC 199 before a moment of clumsiness in the dying minutes before beating Erik Koch at UFC Fight Night 112.

    Despite this, it's difficult to see why Joe Lauzon enters as the slight underdog and we recommend betting accordingly.

    Bet: Joe Lauzon to win
    $10 to return $21.60

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Who will you be betting on this weekend?

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