UFC Fight Night 119: Results and best moments

All the controversy and action from UFC Fight Night 119 from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Having four out of six main event fights end in finishes will always please spectators, and those tuning into Sao Paulo got just that and more. A controversial post-fight interview sparked anger from the crowd who threw bottles as a fighter rushed out the back surrounded by security.

John Lineker vs Marlon Vera

The start of round one saw the two men feel each other out in the center of the octagon. Vera landed a mix of kicks keeping Lineker at distance, those kicks were answered with Lineker's own kicks. Lineker was patient and able to find openings for combinations which backed Vera to the fence, followed up by a flurry of punches from Lineker.

Round two saw Vera pushing forward, the two traded strikes until Vera landed a hook kick followed up with knees in a Thai clinch which Lineker could break up against the fence. In the last minute of the round, Lineker swept Vera to the canvas with a well-timed leg kick then followed him down to land some nice ground and pound before the round ended.

The final round was similar to the first two but saw Vera come out more aggressive than previously. The pair traded kicks, clinched and maneuvered their way off the fence until the end of the round, putting the fight in the hands of the judges.

Result: John Lineker wins by unanimous decision.

Thiago Santos vs Jack Hermansson

Both men came out quickly, feinting and switching stances but not a lot of engagement. Jack Hermansson went in for a double-leg takedown which lacked Thiago Santos up against the cage. When the two separated, Santos hit Hermansson with a flurry of punches, with one right hand breaking through Hermansson's defense which seemed to hurt. In the last 10 seconds, Santos let loose and attempted a jump kick followed with a flurry of punches which knocked Hermansson down to the canvas. Santos didn't let up and rained down punches securing the finish right as the round ended.

Result: Thiago Santos by TKO

Francisco Trinaldo vs Jim Miller

Both Jim Miller and Francisco Trinaldo came in trading strikes. Miller landed a hard right hand, and both men went down to the canvas, in the scramble Trinaldo got the top position inside Miller's guard. Trinaldo allowed Miller to get back to his feet where the pair continued to strike. Miller landed a clean double-leg takedown when he ducked under a right hook and landed in Trinaldo's guard. The referee stopped the fight in the last 20 seconds to stand the men up, who then clinched until the end of the round.

In the second round the pair continued to throw strikes, Trinaldo landed a hard counter left which seemed to back Miller up. Miller landed a takedown then tried for a guillotine, but Trinaldo got into half guard to take the submission pressure off. Trinaldo tied Miller up and landed hard ground and pound onto Miller which then saw out the end of the round.

In round three Trinaldo went for a flying knee which was caught by Miller, the fighters went to the canvas but got back up with little action. Trinaldo landed strong strikes which showed Miller's fatigue. Miller fell to the canvas as Trinaldo caught a kick and ate some of Trinaldo's elbows until the end of the round.

Result: Francisco Trinaldo wins by unanimous decision.

Pedro Munhoz vs Rob Font

The first round saw both men come out strong, Munhoz landed strong leg kicks whilst Font was landing hard punches. Munhoz had success with his strikes, landing a hard left on the chin of font followed by another hard strike, but Font shrugged it off and continued to throw jabs. After failing a takedown attempt, Munhoz hit Font with a hard left hand which rattled Font, forcing him to attempt a takedown which gave Munhoz the opportunity to roll into a one-arm mounted guillotine which secured the tap.

Result: Pedro Munhoz wins by submission

Demian Maia vs Colby Covington

Maia started the fight finding a home with his left hand, forcing Colby Covington against the cage where he defended a takedown from Maia. Maia continued to land the left hand whilst Covington landed leg kicks onto Maia's front leg. Covington's right eye was visibly bothering him from the left hands Maia has landed, but that didn't stop Covington who kept moving forward with strikes. Maia shot for a takedown in the final 30 seconds which was stuffed.

Maia attempted another takedown at the start of the round which was once again stuffed. The pair continued to trade, whilst Maia shot for another three unsuccessful takedowns. Covington landed two big left hands which rattled Maia and forced him to shoot for another takedown which was once again stuffed. The pair looked exhausted throwing shots back and forth until the end of the round.

The third round saw Maia far more physically exhausted than Covington. Maia ate a lot of shots as Covington kept putting the pressure on. Maia kept shooting for takedowns which were easily denied and saw Covington get back to his feet. In the final minute Maia shot a takedown which Covington sprawled on, but instead of standing up Covington stayed on the canvas, hitting Maia with shots which revealed a bad cut on Maia's head. The round ended with Covington ground and pounding a bloody Demian Maia.

Colby Covington took his chance to be controversial, calling out Tyron Woodley in his post-fight interview and insulting the crowd at the same time.

Result: Colby Covington by unanimous decision

Derek Brunson vs Lyoto Machida

Both men started cautiously in the main event, throwing feints to assess range and reactions. Machida attempted counter strikes which only narrowly missed Brunson. At the halfway point of the round, Derek Brunson landed a hard left hook which hurt Machida and sent him to the canvas, he then followed up with strikes until the referee was forced to stop the fight.

Result: Derek Brunson wins by KO

Preliminary results

  • Vicente Luque defeated Niko Price by submission
  • Antonio Carlos Junior defeated Jack Marshman by submission
  • Jared Gordon defeated Hacran Dias by unanimous decision
  • Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos defeated Max Griffin by unanimous decision
  • Deiveson Figueiredo defeated Jarred Brooks by split decision
  • Marcelo Golm defeated Christian Colombo by submission

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