UFC Fight Night 119 Predictions: Rob Font vs Pedro Munhoz

With identical impressive records, two bantamweight finishers try to extend their win streak and enter the top 10.

Rob Font

The man who stole Times New Roman, bantamweight Rob Font (14-2) has flown under the radar for unknown reasons. Of all his wins, he has ten finishes with six of them by knockout. Heck, the only guy who has beaten him in his last 14 fights was John Lineker, the most dangerous knockout artist at bantamweight. Even then, he could dodge most of Linker’s most dangerous shots. 

At 5′ 8″ with a 72″ reach, Font has a great build to compliment his well-rounded skill set. As a striker, Font understands what strike to use when. He’ll alternate between hooks and uppercuts as he advances and, when the opponent gets to the fence, throw a huge knee. If they try to crowd his punches, he’ll slap on a Thai plum and drive knees into their gut. He’s not a great kicker, but still competent enough that opponents have to worry.

His grappling is no slouch either; he owns victories by guillotine choke and brabo choke which requires great technique, strength, and opportunism. 

We genuinely don’t know what it takes to beat Rob Font. Lineker is a one of a kind fighter, and we cannot expect his other opponents to hold him off with sheer aggression and power.  

Pedro Munhoz

If I asked you what type of reach is best for submission fighting, you’d probably say “long”, right? Well, Pedro “The Young Punisher” Munhoz (14-2) begs to differ; he has eight wins by submission despite having a 66″ reach. Out of his eight submissions, six of them are chokes. The significance being that long arms are better suited to chokes; the fact that Munhoz has that many choke victories is astounding.

He claims to have the best guillotine in the UFC and it’s difficult to argue against it. There’s a reason you can almost hear Joe Rogan rolling his eyes when fighters go for guillotine chokes; they’re very difficult to finish. They require enormous physical strength and fighters who hold onto an unsuccessful guillotine for too long find their arms dead for the next few minutes. But if they do let go of the guillotine they usually end up on their back. 

Despite all this, Munhoz owns five victories by guillotine. One of those was against Justin Scoggins, a man who beat title challenger Ray Borg. He can strike (you can’t go very far in the UFC if you can’t) but this guy lives, eats and sleeps on the ground. 

His last loss was to Jimmie Rivera, a man who’s good enough to be Dominick Cruz’s rebound fight. Munhoz is no joke.


Identical records, an identical number of finishes with their only losses coming to high tier fighters. One man can devastate bantamweights on the feet, the other one could choke the life out of a sloth bear with his T-Rex arms. Font has never lost by submission while Munhoz has never been knocked out.

Overall, Font has a bigger advantage on the feet than Munhoz has on the ground. Combined with the fact that fights start out on the feet, and Font gets the slight nod.

Font via Decision

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