UFC Fight Night 118: Results and best moments

The winners and losers from UFC Fight Night 118 in Gdansk, Poland.

UFC Fight Night 118 wasn’t stacked with huge names, but still provided great fights which displayed the skills of fighters many people may not have heard of before. If you were watching the card to just see wild finishes, it may not have been the card for you, with seven out of ten fights ending in unanimous decisions, though the fights that ended in finishes were all exciting finishes themselves. 

This card left exciting matchups to be made, including one between two fighters who exchanged a war of words after a fight.

Oskar Piechota vs Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson started this fight the aggressor, immediately taking the center of the octagon and pushing Oskar Piechota back towards the cage. The beginning of the battle was like most, feeling out each other's range and style with jabs and kicks. Wilson attempted a superman punch which Piechota slipped.  The two continued to trade strikes until Piechota attempted a takedown, and in the scramble took Wilson's back as Wilson stood up, and locked in a body triangle. Piechota was trying to lock in a rear-naked choke, but Wilson's defense was superb. Wilson was peppered with punches and elbows while Piechota attempted to get his arm in under the chin. The pair fell to the ground, and Piechota got his arm underneath Wilson's chin, but the round ended before he could get the finish.

Round two started the same as round one, with Wilson taking the center of the octagon but had to scramble back to his feet when he slipped as he threw a leg kick. Wilson continued to walk down Piechota, and the pair traded jabs. Wilson was landing good head kicks and counter strikes, but got caught on the chin and dropped in the final seconds of the round and just survived as the round ended.

The third round saw Piechota being the aggressor, throwing combinations while controlling the center of the octagon. Halfway through the round Piechota scored a takedown, progressing to Wilsons back, landing ground and pound. Piechota got into mount and attempted an arm triangle, but Wilson defended. Piechota adapted and transitioned to an armbar which was also defended, but Piechota was relentless. Transitioning from the armbar to a triangle, then back to an armbar and extending the arm just as the final bell rings. 

Result: Oskar Piechota wins by Unanimous Decision

Jan Blachowicz vs Devin Clark

Devin Clark immediately went for a takedown, forcing Blachowicz against the cage. Blachowicz reversed the position and put Clark against the cage. After a few moments against the cage saw little action, so referee Marc Goddard separated the pair and sent them back to the center of the octagon. Devin Clark feinted, and level changed a lot as he moved forward, putting pressure on Blachowicz. The two traded strikes, with Clark continuing to charge ahead. Blachowicz took the pressure well, putting Clarks back against the cage and landing hard knees into Clark's stomach. As the pair went to separate Clark landed a hard overhand right, rocking Blachowicz and forcing him to back up to the other side of the octagon. Blachowicz seemed to clear his head the pair went back to striking in the octagon. 

Round two saw the pair trading kicks and strikes again, Blachowicz landed a hard body kick which saw Clark wince. Clark went for a takedown which was defended from Blachowicz, who reversed the position and land a single leg takedown on Clark, landing in half guard. Clark pushed Blachowicz off him and in the scramble Clark was unintentionally poked in the eye, briefly stopping the action. When the action restarted Clark went right into a takedown, Blachowicz got his arm in underneath the chin of Clark during the attempt and successfully locking in a standing rear naked choke.

Result: Jan Blachowicz wins by Submission.

Karolina Kowalkiewicz vs Jodie Esquibel

The co-main event of the evening saw Karolina Kowalkiewicz fight in her home of Poland for the first time since 2015 against Jodie Esquibel. The pair took the center of the octagon and immediately traded fast-paced strikes. Esquibel was getting outclassed on the feet, eating punches every time she tried to come in and land strikes herself. Kowalkiewicz repeatedly landing jabs which she followed up with her right hand, which saw swelling under Esquibel's eye early on. 

Round two started the same, with Kowalkiewicz pressuring Esquibel and landing hard combinations whilst Esquibel struggled to find an answer to Kowalkiewicz game plan. In the clinch Kowalkiewicz landed hard knees which she followed up with combinations, not giving Esquibel time or room to breathe. In the last minute of the round, Kowalkiewicz landed a takedown where she immediately took the back of Esquibel and attempted an armbar, but could not finish the submission before the end of the round.

The third round was a similar story to the first two. Kowalkiewicz wasn't slowing as she moved forward against Esquibel, continuing to land hard jabs whilst marching Esquibel down. The fight ended in the judge's hand which saw a clear winner.

Result: Karolina Kowalkiewicz wins by Unanimous Decision.

Donald Cerrone vs Darren Till

Darren Till came out strong right away against Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone, forcing Cerrone to back against the cage. Cerrone aimed for a takedown which was shrugged off by Till who immediately when back to putting Cerrone under pressure. Tills straight left hand was finding a home on Cerrone, landing it repeatedly. Cerrone landed another takedown, but Till immediately found his way back to his feet with his back against the cage. The two returned to the center of the octagon where Till put the pressure back on Cerrone as they traded strikes, Till continuing to land the left hand from various angles. The left hand wobbled Cowboy, which put Till on the hunt who landed a hard elbow followed with a flurry of punches. Till followed Cerrone to the canvas and continued to land unanswered strikes which forced referee Marc Goddard to end the fight.

Darren Till called out Mike Perry who was ringside, the pair then continued to have a heated exchange which saw Mike Perry being ushered away from the cage by security. Potentially setting up a future slugfest between the two.

Result: Darren Till wins by TKO

Preliminary results

  • Marcin Held defeats Nasrat Haqparast by unanimous decision
  • Brian Kelleher defeats Damian Stasiak by TKO
  • Ramazan Emeev defeats Sam Alvey by unanimous decision
  • Andre Fili defeats Artem Lobov by unanimous decision
  • Warlley Alves defeats Salim Touahri by unanimous decision
  • Aspen Ladd defeats Lina Lansberg via TKO

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