UFC Fight Night 118 Predictions: Oskar Piechota vs Jonathan Wilson

The middleweights start off the card as the undefeated Polish prospect tries to do his country proud.

Oskar Piechota

Information on Oskar “Imaldo” Piechota (9-0-1) is sparse, so getting enough for a prediction involved detective work. But from what snippets are available, Piechota may be a criminally overlooked prospect that can go far in the division. He’s finished all nine of his opponents, split almost evenly between knockouts and submissions. The quality of his opponents is decent as well; his last opponent was 12-2 and riding a seven fight when streak when Piechota TKO’d him inside a minute. 

What’s weird is that despite being a fighter with a grappling base (having competed in competitions outside MMA and owning five wins by submission), he’s got a surprisingly polished striking game. He has crazy power in his lead hand; his jabs land with the force of crosses and short left hooks can stagger opponents. He has a compact overhand right which arcs into opponent’s chins while never pulling him too far off balance. He is proficient enough with kicks to be the owner of a knockout via head kick.

The only weakness of I’ve seen is that Piechota is vulnerable to being clipped in a straight up brawl, but that’s only happened against one opponent. Whether that was a real hole in his defense or a matter of luck, his UFC tenure will reveal.

Jonathan Wilson

If you had a good childhood, you remember the cartoon Johnny Bravo. You know, the one about the impossibly buff man-child with a blonde pompadour that got rejected by girls because of his creepy directness? Jonathan Wilson (7-2) doesn’t resemble him physically and unless he has 40+ restraining orders we don’t know about, he doesn’t share his personality. 

But I can dig an homage to childhood comedy gold nonetheless.

Wilson is an explosive athlete, but not a reckless one. Rather than being the aggressor, Wilson seems most comfortable letting opponents come to him at which point he uncorks heavy counters. He’s got a good variety of angles when it comes to his punches mixed with some neat little tricks like a single collar tie into an uppercut. He’s an explosive wrestler as well; he can just plow through a double leg when his opponent is worried about striking. His lack of kicks is concerning but, with six of his seven wins coming by way of knockout, he’s still dangerous.

Don’t let the two fight losing streak fool you; the losses can be explained.

He was winning a back-and-forth bout with Henrique da Silva when he was reversed and mounted which led to a TKO loss. In his second loss, Ion Cutelaba was more active than him; his counters couldn’t compensate for the sheer volume of strikes he was absorbing. Respectively, a blunder and an iffy style match up aren’t good indicators of a fighter’s limitations.


Piechota has a couple key advantages.

He’s fantastic off his back, so he will not be worried about Wilson’s takedowns. His strikes are smoother and shorter, meaning he can land shots on Wilson and still have time to prepare for the counter. Wilson has the ability to take him out in one shot, but Piechota’s defense seems too solid for that. 

Barring a fluke punch, the hometown kid should get a win.

Piechota via Decision

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