UFC 216: Demetrious Johnson vs Ray Borg results and review

An unbelievably dominant performance by "Mighty Mouse" saw him land 172 strikes to Ray Borg's 22 strikes, and he also had 100% takedown accuracy!

This weekend, on Saturday 7, Las Vegas, Nevada was host to UFC 216. The co-main event of the evening was the long-awaited title fight between reigning defending UFC flyweight champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson and his challenger Ray “The Tazmexican Devil” Borg. 

A fight that would be history in the making as Mighty Mouse with a victory would surpass Anderson Silva’s record for consecutive title defenses. 

The early moments

The fight began slowly with both men trying to figure each other out. Demetrious using his leg kicks and jabs to keep the fight at a distance as Borg wanted to pressure him with forward movement. All the while, DJ kept his angles and used his fantastic footwork to stay out of the way of virtually all of his opponents shots. A few minutes into the first round and DJ used body kicks to hurt Borg which forced him to try to take the fight to the ground, but he unsuccessfully did so leaving Mighty Mouse in a dominant top position where he remained for the rest of the round. Both men tried for submissions but neither having any success.

Round two began with Ray Borg being the more aggressive fighter pressuring DJ with his forward movement and grappling with him up against the cage. This continued for some time until Borg secured a double leg takedown on the champ. Nothing came from the takedown and Johnson made it back to his feet, but in the scramble, Borg took his back only to have Mighty Mouse shrug him off nonchalantly. He then ended up in a dominant top position once again passing Ray Borg’s guard easily. DJ momentarily had him in the mounted crucifix and rained down some severe shots, but Borg did well to scramble out of it and made it back to his feet. In the meantime, DJ peppered him with vicious knees to the body against the cage. Mighty Mouse then took Borg down and controlled him there for the rest of the round.

Middle rounds

The third round saw both men come out aggressive with Borg once again pressuring forward, he ate a few good shots from Demetrious which caused him to grapple, grabbing Demetrious' leg and pushing him up against the cage, he kept his balance though and stuffed the takedown attempt once again leaving him in a dominant top position. "Mighty Mouse" landed some big elbows from side control causing a small cut to open on Ray Borg. He remained in a dominant position landing knees to Borg's body from half guard of all positions. Borg did his very best to scramble out of bottom position but his efforts were futile. Just before the end of the round, they got to their feet but DJ opened on him with strikes against the cage. Borg caught him in a guillotine attempt finishing the round with DJ's neck wrapped.up on him with strikes against the cage but Borg caught him in a guillotine attempt finishing the round with DJ's neck wrapped.

The next round started fast Borg being the aggressor as he was for most of the fight, he pressured DJ up against the cage picking him up and slamming him down for a very impressive takedown. However, he did not hold the champ down for long and it was not thirty seconds later that DJ had him on the bottom landing vicious ground and pound shots on him up against the cage. Borg successfully scrambled out though, but the champ chased him down immediately not giving him a second to breathe up against the cage landing numerous knees to the thighs and the body. It was during this exchange he attempted a head kick while he had Borg's back up against the cage, so unorthodox but he barely missed. Both men remained against the cage grappling but DJ took him down again viciously slamming Borg's head onto the canvas. He stayed in a dominant position from side control until he scrambled back to his feet but DJ quickly took the fight back to the ground throwing Borg down and controlling him on the ground for the rest of the round.

The final round

The final round began the way all the others did with Borg pressing forward but not really landing any shots, DJ once again taking him down easily with a single leg and controlling him up against the cage. Borg scrambled to his feet moments later, and the two began a grappling exchange which ultimately led to another takedown by the champion in what was a common occurrence the whole way through the fight. "Mighty Mouse" quickly mounted his opponent but Borg used leverage to get DJ off him and he scrambled out of the bottom position. It was around this time that DJ had a hold of Borg's back up against the cage and in what can only be described as the most impressive submission of all time; he let out a primeval roar and proceeded to suplex Borg through the air and in mid-flight caught him in an insane arm-bar finishing him via submission at 3:15 seconds of round 5.


Demetrious Johnson broke the UFC record for most consecutive title defenses (11).

A phenom at flyweight, it does not seem as if he will ever be beaten at his weight class and the list of contenders he has demolished in the division just shows how dominant a champion he is.

He truly is the pound for pound best in the world and may be the best MMA fighter of all time.

Will he move up a weight class and take on some new challengers or will he remain at 125 pounds and continue destroying contender after contender?

What do you think?

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