RealSport Hockey Awards: NHL Moment of the Year 2016

The moment of 2016 that took everyone by surprise didn't even take place on the ice. 

The moment of the year in any capacity should be an instance where someone or something happens that nobody saw coming, an event that defied the odds and had people everywhere talking about it. The NHL is no exception and plenty of moments fit this description, but only one can be chosen.


June 29, 2016

The craziest day in NHL offseason history. Simply put, the moment of the year didn’t happen on the ice, instead of it as two massive trades and a huge signing occurred in this small time period, very early into the offseason.

Taylor Hall, a former number one pick, was traded to the New Jersey Devils for a former fourth overall pick Adam Larsson in a huge deal involving one of the games biggest stars and an emerging young defenseman. Not too long after, two elite-tier defensemen were traded for each other. P. K. Subban and Shea Weber were swapped in a deal which can only be described as “earth-shattering” for fans and players of the league. Two of the game’s premiere players at the backend in a trade that has changed teams, and conferences. An entire website, in fact, has been dedicated to tracking the stats of Subban and Weber after the trade and continue to do so. The swap was even dubbed, “The Trade”, by the National Post as fans tried to come to terms with one of the most groundbreaking deals in league history.

Also on this crazy day, a massive signing put end to rumors that had dominated the media for weeks. Steven Stamkos, who throughout the season has neglected to sign an extension with the Tampa Bay Lightning, finally put pen to paper and signed an eight-year, $68 million dollar deal to stay in the Sunshine State. He had previously been linked to teams like Detroit and Toronto but ultimately came to this decision and put to an end the most insane day in NHL offseason history.


What do you think was the greatest moment of 2016 in the NHL? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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