Top 5 knockouts in UFC history

RealSport's definitive look at the five best knockouts in UFC history - which KO will come out on top?

MMA fans have always loved a brutal knockout, but many of us enjoy the elegant or shocking finishes, as well.

Our list of the top five knockouts in UFC history features knockouts that are either gorgeous, unmerciful, unexpected or sometimes all three.

  1. 5 McGregor vs Aldo

    UFC 194 - December 2015

    Conor McGregor's 13-second demolition of Jose Aldo was the beginning of a new era for the UFC.

    Most MMA enthusiasts (that weren't Conor McGregor fans) believed that Jose Aldo would be too difficult a task for "The Notorious". It made sense, too. Aldo had been undefeated for over ten years and was sitting comfortably at the top of the UFC's featherweight division.

    Aldo, who is usually quite conservative, rushed towards Conor McGregor with a series of punches before running into a perfectly timed counter left hand from McGregor.

    McGregor's knockout of Aldo was the fastest title victory in the UFC's history, and it was also the dethroning of a seemingly unstoppable champion.

  2. 4 Silva vs Belfort

    UFC 126 - February 2011

    Anderson Silva's destruction of Vitor Belfort was both elegant and devastating.

    There's just something about the way Anderson Silva knocks people out. Every time, it seems to come unsuspected. He almost lulls an opponent to sleep with minimal activity and slow movement before exploding with a strike that is near invisible to the eye.

    Silva's front kick connected cleaner than any front kick ever seen before. They say the hardest shots are the ones you don't see coming, and Belfort was completely unaware of Silva's rising foot.

  3. 3 Gonzaga vs Cro Cop

    UFC 70 - April 2007

    If you were to guess which of these fighters would land a crushing kick to the skull of their opponent and knock them unconscious before they hit the mat, you'd likely have answers Mirko Cro Cop without even thinking.

    The Croatian got a taste of his own medicine as Gabriel Gonzaga flattened him out with a brutal right high kick that unsurprisingly hasn't left a dent in Crop Cop's head for years to come.

    Gonzaga's knockout deserves to be featured on this list because it was both shocking and perfect to watch.

  4. 2 Henderson vs Bisping

    UFC 100 - July 2009

    In classic Michael Bisping fashion, the Englishman proceeded to talk trash to Dan Henderson all the way up to UFC 100.

    Bisping probably regretted it when the two met at UFC 100 and Henderson connected with his infamous H-Bomb, though. Bisping went stiff and crashed into the canvas before Henderson followed up with a devastating (and probably unnecessary) strike to the unconscious Bisping.

  5. 1 Barboza vs Etim

    UFC 142 - January 2012

    Edson Barboza's wheel kick knockout of Terry Etim at UFC 142 is surely the most glorious of finishes in UFC history.

    Barboza's wheel kick is not only beautiful to watch, but it is sickening at the same time. The force that was generated by Barboza's spinning wheel kick could probably chop down a small tree and Terry Etim ended up eating this in the face. Etim was unconscious before he even hit the mat.

    If opponents weren't aware of Barboza's deadly kicking power, they were now.

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