Team Dignitas vs CLG: 2017 Summer NA LCS Third Place preview, prediction & live stream

Despite falling to TSM, Team Dignitas are still a very dangerous NA team entering this Third Place matchup. With All-Pro first team Ssumday leading the charge from the top lane, and plenty of presence across the map, Dignitas can take out any team in the region on their best day. When Keane is your weakest link, things are going pretty well.

CLG had a bit of a tragic season after dominant form early on. In losing standout jungler Dardoch and handing the reins over to CLG challenger team jungler OmarGod the team has had to adjust and evolve to make up for the difference. They’ve been most recently described as an unstoppable hydra that will just keep coming back. Despite just squeaking by Team Envy, it’s hard to disagree.

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Top lane

Ssumday has been the bread and butter of Team Dignitas and continues to be perhaps the strongest top laner in North America. Whether it’s on a tank or carry, Ssumday has proven he can break the game right open with it and even when the pressure’s on. Though he was eventually beaten out by TSM, don’t expect that to slow down this All-Pro top laner, even against one many others thought had earned that spot.

Darshan stands alongside Huni as the two biggest reasons CLG has fought on to advance, cutting at Team Envy’s biggest weakness, it’s own top lane. Darshan is in the hunt for top of the pack top laner in the region, and is the first choice of many. Whether playing tank line or split pusher Darshan has been a monster that CLG can rely on to be a big presence regardless of how the game goes. But staring down his greatest adversary (not playing for TSM,) Darshan looks just slightly outgunned.

Verdict: Dig Ssumday barely eeks out a top lane victory.


Shrimp has brought a stability and threat from the jungle Dignitas was sorely lacking. Whether he’s ironing down the laning phase for his team, or jamming ahead to push a lead, Shrimp can be relied on to make an impact. Though it’s tough to say he’s in the top of pack in the jungle, Shrimp is much mightier than his name suggests, and CLG need to be careful about their own biggest weakness.

OmarGod has stepped into the very difficult position of holding down the jungle for two of the best laners in the region without much room to build synergy and practice. He’s definitely shown why he deserved the call up, but has struggled to meet true CLG expectations thus far. Being exposed greatly against the incredibly dangerous NV Lira and surviving, CLG fans can breathe a sigh of relieve for their shaky jungle presence. But that sigh of relief just might catch in their throats when he must repel yet another superior jungler.

Verdict: Dig Shrimp dominates the jungle.

Mid lane

Keane is in the Dignitas hot seat this week as the team’s weakest member staring down one of CLG’s best. But while the team fell to TSM and Bjergsen outplayed Keane, it’s hard to say that’s something to be scared of. When the ban pressure is off of Keane, he has a few dangerous tools available, but if the mid lane receives the brunt of bans we could see Keane’s champion pool become a problem against the unique picks of his opponent Saturday.

Huhi has been a very needed source of life for CLG this Summer Split, and has continued to be that presence, vying for the top of the pack in the middle lane. Huhi’s unique champion pool makes him a threat few can be fully prepared for, and this is a very dangerous thing for Dignitas. Whether he gets it done in a standard pick or by lobbing Vel’Koz projectiles at will, Huhi is the bigger fish in the mid lane pond.

Verdict: Huhi decimates the mid lane for CLG.

Bot lane

Adrian and Altec have formed one of the most successful bottom lanes in North America, and it’s been an interesting mix of Adrian’s ability to go heavy on playmaking supports and incredibly defensive in his more protective supports. Sporting one of the best vision games around as well, this bottom lane is always a threat to build up Altec and take the game right home. Outshone by some, this bot lane duo continues to put in results.

Aphromoo and Stixxay were one of the most celebrated pairs early into the Summer Split, but since, the two have merely done above average to good. As two of the greatest raw talents around, it’s a headscratcher for many. If this duo can bring the form that earned them countless highlight clips no one can stand in their way, not even one of the toughest defensive supports. If they can’t make the plays, they can always settle into being an above average bot lane presence to accompany CLG’s major solo lane threats. But that’s just not where two players this skilled should be, and we don’t think it will be enough to take down the lane Saturday.

Verdict: Adrian and Altec secure the bottom lane for Team Dignitas.


Though Team Dignitas fell to TSM, it was immediately after dispatching a very talented Cloud9. CLG may have made it past Team Envy, but it was in much closer fashion than it ever should’ve been. With Team Dignitas finding its form in the lineup changes it has made, we think this series will come down to a 3-1 for Team Dignitas.

Who do you think takes down this Third Place Summer Split Playoffs matchup? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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