PS5 Controller: Patent reveals DualShock 5's customisable features - Haptic feedback, Adaptive triggers, Wireless charging & more

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Sony has had more patent leaks in recent months than we know what to do with, and it turns out that another one has found itself in the public light this week.

With very little confirmed by Sony so far, the appearance of the console and its controllers will be subject to change over the coming months.

Previous patent leaks have shown the new remote to be noticeably thicker and more rounded, featuring larger triggers and slightly smaller sticks.


That said, very little about the controller's new features has been revealed, making this patent leak pretty significant in comparison to others.

Continue reading for all the details we have.

Customisable vibration

Sony has said time and time again that the PlayStation 5 would usher in a new era for the next generation, and they will do this by starting with the controllers.

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Utilising the “vibration control apparatus” to offer heightened levels of customisation, Sony has clearly been thinking about crafting unique experiences for its community.

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Not only does the patent say that players will be able to choose the level of customisation in each game for themselves, but the system as a whole will offer a new “gold standard” for immersive gaming.

Adaptive triggers

Previous systems would only offer an option to turn vibration 'on or off', so most players chose to turn the feature off and save the battery.

Now, gamers will be able to choose the lowest setting to save charge but also get the haptic feedback that helps to improve their playstyle.

There will even be adaptive triggers that react to what is happening in-game, so walking on sand will feel very different to walking on ice, for example).


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All of this said, patents are just patents, so do not take this information as gospel.

Hopefully, Sony decides to unveil the PS5 and it's specs soon, so that we can find out just how impressive the new controllers will be.