Overwatch: Two weeks into the beginning of 2/2/2 Role Lock – What is the community sentiment?

Overwatch has seen the biggest fundamental change since its release, so what's the verdict?

On the 18th of July Blizzard released the much anticipated 2/2/2 Role Lock and Role Queue to the Public Test Realm. 

The game changing update had been made available to pro players in the Overwatch League (OWL) for some time in secret. 

Although popular streamer XQC among others had given the community evidence to believe the change was coming by accidentally leaking it.

The update resolved the issue of Overwatch’s stagnant meta game. The composition labelled as “GOATs” by the community had been dominating at the higher levels for over a year. 

This led to fans of the game becoming burnt out from repetitiveness with casual and dedicated players alike expressing discontent.

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The initial release of the update saw positive reception as the community was glad at the newfound variety in the game.

Overwatch League commentator Wolf “Wolf” Schroder echoed the popular sentiment in his tweet. 

The fresh changes also brought attention to Overwatch from famous figures such as the second largest twitch streamer, Shroud.

The update popularised several heroes that hadn’t been relevant in high level play since GOATs became dominant. Most notably Reaper, a character that hadn’t seen consistent use at the professional level since 2016.

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However, a second week of OWL matches and further game time with the new update has revealed a set of heroes that may take GOATs’ place.

Photo credit: Overwatch LeagueThe strategy makes use of Orisa and D.Va’s synergy along with the new potency of Reaper and Mei. 

The composition lacks a community nickname. However, a tweet from professional player Dustin “Dogman” Bowerman said that players simply reused the term “GOATs” suggesting the heroes’ potential dominance.

Furthermore, some players have expressed dissatisfaction with the popularity and effectiveness of Orisa.

However, it’s not even three weeks into the new update and only a small portion of the player base have tested the new patch. More time needs to be given to see if the game can continually offer a variety of play styles with its fresh look.

The 2/2/2 role lock update has brought new life into the game as it looked to be stagnating with OWL viewership dropping and player count stagnating

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