Oskar Piechota: The Polish grappling sensation and surprisingly deadly striker makes his UFC debut at UFC Fight Night 118

Haven't heard of Oskar Piechota before? We'll get you excited before he steps into the UFC's octagon for the first time this weekend at UFC Fight Night 118 in Poland.

Oskar Piechota, an undefeated 27-year-old fighter hailing from Poland, is ready for his UFC debut this weekend at UFC Fight Night 118. But is the UFC ready for him?

The Polish fighter is an absolute madman with a unique ability to be dominant on the mat while also packing extreme power in his hands.

Stopping power

Strangely enough, Piechota’s power resembles that of Volkan Oezdemir.

Volkan Oezdemir might come as a peculiar comparison, but there are definite similarities here. Oezdemir isn’t the most technically sound or elite striker we’ve ever seen but he seems to generate enough power in his punches to turn someone unconscious with ease. Not every fighter has this kind of power, and honestly, it’s hard to create. But Piechota, just like Oezdemir, either puts rocks in his gloves or has this natural ability to punch very, very hard. 

There’s probably no better example of this than his 32-second stoppage of Jason Radcliffe at Cage Warriors 85. 

Piechota replaced the injured Victor Cheng in the Cage Warriors 85 main event on just three weeks notice. If headlining the event on short notice isn’t enough pressure, then how about competing for the vacant Cage Warriors Middleweight Championship, as well? Even before this fight, Piechota was regarded as a “jiu-jitsu whiz” who was making steady improvements to his striking. 

Perspectives on Piechota quickly changed as he dropped Radcliffe with the first punch of the fight. Radcliffe immediately covered up and Piechota landed heavy shots on his opponent, but the fight was already over. Piechota had turned Radcliffe’s lights off with a gorgeous counter left hook. The knockout finish also ended Radcliffe’s seven-fight win streak that included five first-round stoppages.

A vise-like grip

Piechota's greatest strength isn't his powerful hands, though. 

He's a notably talented grappler with an extensive history  of competing in major jiu-jitsu tournaments around the world. He previously submitted Claudio Calasans at the 2013 ADCC and defeated Vinny Magalhaes in the Absolute Tournament.

Piechota has five submission wins through his professional MMA career. If you're wondering what his nickname "Imadlo" means, Piechota explained:

Imadlo means vise in English. My grappling teammates joked that when I catch someone with my hands, I can hold as strong as a vise.

Scary stuff. 

Piechota's favorite submission is also the Brabo Choke, which in no-gi and MMA circles is referred to as the D'Arce choke.

The express lane

Oskar Piechota knows you're not paid by the hour in mixed martial arts. In fact, the best result is always the one when you leave the cage after taking very little damage.

Piechota has won via stoppage in all of his nine professional mixed martial arts victories in either round one or two. His most recent two fights have ended in under 36 seconds each. 

Not only are these results entertaining, exciting and memorable for fans, fighters, and media alike, but they also greatly assist with the climb up the ladder. A three-round war with a tough opponent almost always means you need to wait at least three or four months before you step back into the cage and compete again, and often it is much longer than that.

A quick victory, however, allows a fighter to re-enter the octagon as soon as the next opportunity arises. Need proof? Fabricio Werdum made easy work of Walt Harris at UFC 216 and will compete again 42 days later at UFC Fight Night 121 in Sydney, Australia against Marcin Tybura.

This means that if Piechota maintains his tendency to finish fights fast, we could see a new contender in the division sooner than later.

Can Oskar Piechota finish Jonathan Wilson fast at UFC Fight Night 118?

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