The 5 most disliked players in the NRL

There are some players you simply can't warm to. Maybe you don't like the way they play or how they act. Here are the five guys so many fans love to hate.

  1. 1 Robbie Farah (South Sydney Rabbitohs)

    There was a time when Robbie Farah was a beloved club legend at Wests Tigers. That ended in bitter fashion with him being pitted against coach Jason Taylor, leading to the infamous image of the former skipper sat on the Leichhardt Oval scoreboard after his final game. Farah was squeezed out of the club and moved to South Sydney Rabbitohs.

    Trouble has followed Farah to the Bunnies with rumours that he ignores teammates, dictates decisions outside of the playbook and went head-to-head with another coach, who has since been sacked. The common denominator is Farah and he has become an unpopular face amongst fans of the sport.

  2. 2 Cameron Smith (Melbourne Storm)

    This one may largely be a case of jealousy around the league, with fans of the other 15 teams only being able to dream of having someone like Melbourne Storm great Cameron Smith at their club.

    He is a fine player but if you scratch beneath the surface, then it's easy to find other reasons to dislike Smith. He is one of the game's dirtier players, employing a full range of wrestling moves and slowdown tactics. His famous chats with officials have seen the rise of a running joke that Smith should bring a whistle onto the field with him.

    Throw in the salary cap scandal, of which he was a big part, and missing a Grand Final through suspension and you have a polarising figure at the very least.

  3. 3 Josh McGuire (Brisbane Broncos)

    This is an easy one.

    Josh McGuire reminds me of the guy at school who thought he could say or do whatever he wanted because he was big enough to back it up physically.

    The infamous 'winners party and losers have meetings' tweet post State of Origin and his on-field verbals are clear examples of why the bloke is easy to dislike, particularly for those south of the Tweed.

    Stories of him taunting footy-mad kids in Papua New Guinea with his gear before pulling it back inside the window of the team bus paints a very poor picture.

  4. 4 Andrew Fifita (Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks)

    On his day, Andrew Fifita can be one of the most devastating prop forwards in the game. Sadly, he can also be one of rugby league's biggest moaners.

    Going public in the wake of some sledging from Queenslanders in game two of the Origin series this year was poor form. Failing to back it up in game three was far worse, with Blues and Maroons fans alike labelling his performance as soft and timid.

    Rumours that he was set to be on the bench before whinging until the decision was overturned also didn't make for good reading.

  5. 5 Paul Gallen (Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks)

    Paul Gallen is one of those players that you love if they play for your club and hate if not.

    Whether it's pulling at a player's stitches during a tackle, or being heavily involved and found guilty during the ASADA investigation into Stephen Dank and his links with the Sharks.

    Ironically, he became a loud opponent of players found guilty of taking drugs. Gallen comes across as an overly opinionated hypocrite.

    Which NRL players do you dislike the most? Let us know in the comments and poll below.

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