NFL Draft 2018: Big 12 full preseason rankings & grades

With the new NCAAF College Football season set to start, here's the full list of preseason grades for 146 scouted Big 12 prospects.

The new season is almost here! While it’s been a long spring and summer without live competitive football, it’s always a great time in which to spend taking an extended, albeit early, look at some of the prospects that will make up part of the next NFL Draft class.

Preseason grades are to be taken as just that. They are a starting point, with plenty of flexibility to change dramatically in either direction. That does not make it an exercise not worth doing though, as it’s good to have some initial thoughts, and then have certain areas of focus to look for improvement that the players have hopefully worked on. As long as the discipline is there not to stick too stubbornly to opinions or to certain favorite players if they do not perform as expected.

This particular year, the focus for myself has been on the teams that make up the Big 12 conference, where much of my in-season focus is as a writer alongside ongoing NFL draft work. It could play out very differently of course, but as of right now, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State look to be the strongest contenders for conference honors, but in terms of the draft, the Texas Longhorns have a number of very interesting prospects, several who look among the best in the Big 12 for taking that step to the next level.

Big 12 Preseason Draft Grades

Below is a table that ranks all 146 prospects that have been scouted and graded from the Big 12, with an accompanying grade where appropriate (note, PFA = Priority Free Agent). In the case of many of the players, there is also a bit more information and opinion that explains some of the thinking behind their grade, that have made up a team-by-team “Players to Watch” series of articles.

You can view those articles by following this link and selecting the appropriate team.

For those who have not been written about in more detail, please do ask about the thinking behind the grade in the comments below!

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1Connor WilliamsOTTexasJr1st
2Malik JeffersonLB/EDGETexasJr1st
3James WashingtonWROklahoma StateSr1st-2nd
4Orlando BrownOTOklahomarJr2nd
5PJ Locke IIIS/CBTexasJr2nd
6Travin HowardLB/STCUSr2nd-3rd
7Dalton RisnerC/OGKansas StaterJr3rd
8Dorance Armstrong Jr.EDGEKansasJr3rd
9Mason RudolphQBOklahoma StateSr3rd-4th
10DJ ReedCBKansas StateJr3rd-4th
11Kyzir WhiteSWest VirginiaSr3rd-4th
12Baker MayfieldQBOklahomarSr3rd-4th
13Mark AndrewsTEOklahomarJr4th
14Byron PringleWRKansas StaterJr4th
15Terence WilliamsRBBaylorrJr4th
16Jordan ThomasCBOklahomaSr4th
17Chris Warren IIIRBTexasJr4th-5th
18Allen LazardWRIowa StateSr4th-5th
19Kyle HicksRBTCUrSr5th
20Keke CouteeWRTexas TechJr5th
21Winston DimelFBKansas StaterJr5th
22Dravon Askew-HenrySWest VirginiarJr5th
23Cameron BatsonWRTexas TechSr5th
24Kris BoydCBTexasJr5th
25Ramon RichardsCBOklahoma StateSr5th-6th
26KJ SmithEDGEBaylorrSr6th
27Kendall AdamsSKansas StaterJr6th
28Dru SamiaOGOklahomaJr6th
29Nick OrrS/CBTCUSr6th
30Poona FordDLTexasSr6th-7th
31Ty SummersLBTCUrJr7th
32Ogbonnia OkoronkwoEDGE/LBOklahomarSr7th
33KaVontae TurpinWRTCUJr7th
34Chris LacyWROklahoma StateSr7th
35Jarrell OwensEDGEOklahoma StaterJr7th
36Dimitri FlowersFBOklahomaSr7th
37Toyous AverySWest VirginiarJr7th
38Chris NelsonDLTexasrJr7th
39Patrick VaheOGTexasJr7th-PFA
40Adrian BakerCBOklahoma StaterSr7th-PFA
41Jake CamposOTIowa StaterSr7th-PFA
42Derrick WilliesWRTexas TechrSrPFA
43Taj WilliamsWRTCUrSrPFA
44Tyrone CrowderOGClemsonrSrPFA
45Steven ParkerSOklahomaSrPFA
46Larry WilliamsOGOklahoma StaterSrPFA
47Keith Loneker Jr.LBKansasrJrPFA
48Trey CarterDLOklahoma StaterJrPFA
49Dylan CantrellWRTexas TechrSrPFA
50Jeff BadetWROklahomarSrPFA
51Tre FlowersSOklahoma StaterSrPFA
52Armanti ForemanWRTexasSrPFA
53Anthony WheelerLBTexasJrPFA
54Jah’Shawn JohnsonS/CBTexas TechrJrPFA
55Daniel WiseDLKansasrJrPFA
56Emmanuel BealLB/SOklahomarSrPFA
57Jalen McCleskeyWROklahoma StateJrPFA
58Ka’Raun WhiteWRWest VirginiarSrPFA
59D’Andre PayneCB/SIowa StaterJrPFA
60John DiarseWRTCUrSrPFA
61Dequinton OsborneDLOklahoma StaterSrPFA
62Austin SchlottmanCTCUSrPFA
63Justin CrawfordRBWest VirginiaSrPFA
64Andrew BeckFB/TETexasSrPFA
65Yodny CajusteOG/OTWest VirginiarJrPFA
66DJ Polite-BrayCBTexas TechrSrPFA
67Joseph NoteboomOT/OGTCUrSrPFA
68Ben PowersOGOklahomarJrPFA
69Taylor YoungLBBaylorrSr
70Ira LewisDLBaylorrJr
71Davante DavisCB/STexasJr
72Zachary CrabtreeOTOklahoma StaterSr
73Trever RyenWRIowa StaterSr
74Kamari Cotton-MoyaSIowa StaterSr
75Kyle BoschOGWest VirginiarSr
76Mike WarrenRBIowa StaterJr
77Marcell AtemanWROklahoma StaterSr
78Will GearyDLKansas StaterSr
79Mychealon ThomasDLTexas TechSr
80Steven Sims Jr.WRKansasJr
81Evrett EdwardsS/CBIowa StaterSr
82Justin PhillipsLBOklahoma StaterJr
83Jason HallSTexasSr
84Jeffery MeadWROklahomaSr
85Patrick LawrenceOTBaylorrJr
86Nic ShimonekQBTexas TechSr
87Brad LundbladeCOklahoma StateSr
88Ranthony TexadaCBTCUrSr
89Jaelan AustinWRTCUJr
90Chad WhitenerLBOklahoma StaterSr
91Naashon HughesEDGETexasrSr
92Marvin GrossSWest VirginiarSr
93Nick BasquineWROklahomarJr
94Mo PorterOG/OTBaylorrSr
95Brian PeavyCBIowa StaterJr
96Jordan FeuerbacherTEBaylorSr
97Willie HarveyLBIowa StaterJr
98Emanuel PorterWRTCUSr
99Breckyn HagerEDGETexasJr
100Matt PryorOGTCUrSr
101Blake BlackmarOGBaylorrJr
102Jesse ErtzQBKansas StaterSr
103Dominique HeathWRKansas StaterJr
104Dakota AllenLBTexas TechrJr
105Jerrod HeardWRTexasrJr
106Elijah BattleCBWest VirginiaSr
107Aaron CochranOTOklahoma StaterSr
108Elijah WellmanFBWest VirginiarSr
109Davion HallSBaylorSr
110Matthew RomarDLOklahomarSr
111Paul StawarzOG/C/OTTexas TechrJr
112Joe Dineen Jr.LBKansasSr
113Kenny HillQBTCUrSr
114Kolin HillEDGETexas TechrJr
115Ben JohnsonTEKansasrSr
116Gary JenningsWRWest VirginiaJr
117Sammy DouglasLBTCUrSr
118Julius LewisCBTCUJr
119Grant LingafelterOGWest VirginiarSr
120JD WaggonerEDGEIowa StaterSr
121Ishmael WilsonOGBaylorrSr
122Darrion DanielsDLOklahoma StateJr
123Larry HughesOG/OTKansasJr
124Justin StocktonRBTexas TechSr
125Xavier JonesEDGEBaylorrJr
126Tralund WebberEDGEOklahoma StateSr
127Erick WrenCOklahomarSr
128Desmon WhiteWRTCUSr
129Justin SilmonRBKansas StateJr
130Al-Rasheed BentonLBWest VirginiarSr
131Jayson RhodesOGKansasSr
132Niko SmallS/CBTCUJr
133Tanner WoodEDGEKansas StaterSr
134Duke ShelleyCBKansas StateJr
135Chris BradleyDLTCUSr
136Jake McMillonOG/CTexasrJr
137DJ WardEDGEOklahomarSr
138Mat BoesenEDGETCUSr
139Reid NajvarCKansas StaterSr
140Joseph BroadnaxDLTCUJr
141Zach BarnesEDGETexas TechrSr
142DeeIsaac DavisDLKansasSr
143Xavier PrestonLBWest VirginiaSr
144Bobby Hartzog Jr.WRKansasSr
145Tony MoralesCTexas TechrSr
146Chance WazSBaylorSr

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