Liverpool: Why a Wolfsburg loan is perfect for Divock Origi

First-team football, the culture of the Bundesliga and the manager's experience are all reasons that Origi could prosper with Wolfsburg.

Divock Origi has decided, with permission from Liverpool, to move to Wolfsburg on loan for the season. He has struggled to cement his place in the Reds’ first team since his transfer from Lille, and made only 14 starts last season.

Last week’s match against Arsenal was perhaps the final straw for him, with Origi not being named in the match-day squad. It seems Jurgen Klopp prefers Daniel Sturridge as a backup striker who came off the bench and scored at the weekend.

This decision will ultimately prove to be a good one for the Belgian striker. RealSport explain why.

Regular game time

There was an Origi-shaped hole in the Wolfsburg squad, and his move there will see him play far more first-team football, which will only be positive for his development as a player.

Last season, Wolfsburg seriously struggled for goals. Mario Gomez scored 16 in the Bundesliga, but their second-highest goal scorer was Daniel Didavi, with just four.

Mario Gomez is 32 now, and while he still offers goals, Wolfsburg were lacking pace in the forward areas last season, and an over-reliance on an older player can be a dangerous thing.

Wolfsburg’s other strikers are all teenagers, and they need someone to either replace or play with Mario Gomez up top. Expect Origi to finally feature regularly, something the 22-year-old desperately needs.

Bundesliga kinder to young players

The Bundesliga has a fantastic reputation for the development of young players. The league knows how to nurture their careers, and there is far less pressure in Germany than the Premier League, where every mistake has a player thrust into the media spotlight.

The fans play a part in this. They tend to give young players more leeway when it comes to errors, and are very supportive of their team.

One only has to look at the video that went viral of Stuttgart fans consoling Julian Baumgartl, after his costly error cost his team the game, to understand the difference in approach towards young players in the Bundesliga. 

Maybe this will help Origi. A year out of the spotlight of the English fans and media might help him to kickstart his career and realise the potential that got him his move to Liverpool all those years ago.

Manager experienced with youth development

While there still may be questions over Andries Jonker’s long-term suitability for Wolfsburg, he could be a good manager for Divock Origi at this stage of his career.


Jonker was taken by Wolfsburg from his position as manager of the Arsenal academy team. He managed there for just under two years, and prior to that spent a year as director of their football academy.

In his time, he oversaw the rise of the likes of Hector Bellerin and Alex Iwobi, who both made impacts in the first team, with Bellerin establishing himself as a constant starter.

This experience can only be perfect in managing Origi, and he could arrive back at Liverpool a much better player for it.

RealSport verdict: Perfect for all parties

Overall this is a good move for everyone concerned.

Wolfsburg have acquired a talented player for their side previously lacking in pace, Liverpool have found first-team football for a player that needs it and Origi has found himself a club that has the potential to improve his game.

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