Galore Bofando and the bizarre throw KO

Galore Bofando took the internet by storm after bouncing Charlie Ward's head off the canvas at UFC Fight Night 113.

It was just two minutes into the first round when Charlie Ward had pushed Galore Bofando against the cage and looked to be turning the fight into his favour. Bofando picked Ward up and threw him to the canvas with seemingly no trouble at all. Ward landed head-first on the hard floor of the UFC octagon to the sound of a deafening thud. Referee Mark Goddard, who is one of the best in the business, noticed the impact and quickly changed his perspective and saw Ward unconscious; the fight was over.

I’ve never seen anything like it. Ward was looking to hip-toss Bofando. Defending Ward’s attack is one thing, but managing to counter it with a throw of his own is a whole new level. The extreme strength and energy that was required to complete such an effort were impressive, but Bofando’s efforts inside the octagon before this moment were just as mesmerising.

Bofando’s Funky Style

Well, that’s not the official name for Bofando’s style inside the cage, but that’s what I’m going to call it.

Bofando’s chosen approach to fighting is Mugendo kickboxing. It is essentially this weird blend of kung-fu, kickboxing, karate and many other martial arts you would probably only ever see in the movies. I sat there watching Bofando at UFC Fight Night 113 and struggled to believe I wasn’t looking at some kind of glitchy video game. He danced around the cage throwing kicks like no one I had ever seen before. His unusual style was exaggerated by being in there with Charlie Ward, who is one of the more traditional bare-knuckle brawler types in the UFC.

Despite the fight lasting just two minutes, we saw a diverse range of strikes from the 35-year-old fighter from Congo. Bofando attempted spin kicks, axe kicks and even a crazy ‘touch 1-2’ kick and step into a spinning wheel kick. The touch set-up reminded me of the impressive Lando Vannata knockout of John Makdessi at UFC 206. There’s every chance we will see something just as amazing from Galore Bofando inside the octagon in his future bouts in the UFC.

What’s next for Galore Bofando?

Galore Bofando scored a victory in his UFC debut, but it was against some of the worst competition in the UFC in Charlie Ward. In addition to being one of the least-skilled fighters in the UFC, Ward also was a perfect match-up for Bofando in the sense that he would walk straight forward and try to throw down with Bofando who is an elite striker. What happens when Galore Bofando is matched with someone more capable – someone who is actually able to finish a takedown from a clinch position rather than being thrown on his back head-first?

If I’m Sean Shelby and the UFC, I’d be riding this wave of popularity that has stemmed from the freakish knockout and Bofando’s unique style and match him up against someone who will stand with him in the centre of the octagon. If the UFC choose to give Dhiego Lima a chance after he fell short in the TUF 25 Finale, a matchup with Galore Bofando would be super intriguing. A date with first-round finisher Abdul Razak Alhassan would be fascinating as well after Alhassan lost for the first time in his career at the hands of Omari Akhmedov just two months ago.

After all, we want the fun to last a little longer now, don’t we? I’m not ready to see Bofando be ground and pounded just yet.

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Jake Nichols


Jake is a mixed martial arts analyst and reporter from Australia for The Body Lock.