Full Metal Dojo: 5 reasons to watch FMD 15 this weekend

Full Metal Dojo 15: Come Out to Play is this weekend and we've got five reasons why you should watch Tommy Hayden defend his FMD lightweight sword on November 4.

Full Metal Dojo is back again this weekend with another exciting lineup of fights. Despite an overwhelming number of reasons to tune into their Facebook live stream (or even better, attend the event in Bangkok, Thailand), we’ve narrowed down five reasons why you should watch Thailand’s premier MMA organization.

If you’re wondering what Full Metal Dojo is all about, FMD’s first-round finishing machine Javier Trujillo has perfectly described the event for us:

Full Metal Dojo is an action-packed party where the 1980’s martial arts style tournament meets 21st-century style MMA. You’re guaranteed a once in a lifetime event, and you should be there.

  1. 1 Tommy Hayden defends his lightweight sword

    FMD15 Tommy callout


    Posted by FULL METAL DOJO on Wednesday, 18 October 2017

    Yes, you read that correctly.

    There are no belts at Full Metal Dojo, just swords.

    Tommy "Wildcard" Hayden returned to Full Metal Dojo at FMD 13 to defeat Will Chope for the vacant Full Metal Dojo Lightweight Title. Hayden used his superior wrestling skills to take Chope down to the mat and neutralize his height and reach advantage. While on the canvas, Hayden applied heavy top pressure before giving a continued beatdown to his grounded opponent.

    It wasn't just an impressive way to win the title, it was also the type of performance that makes you sit back and wonder if anyone can realistically take the title from his hands now he has claimed it.

    Hayden will defend his sword for the first time at Full Metal Dojo 15 against Jason Ponet. Ponet, like Hayden's last opponent, is a well-traveled veteran of the sport who has competed in many organizations over the years. He most recently competed for the Cage Warriors Lightweight Championship in September 2016 and will now return to the Full Metal Dojo for a second time.

  2. 2 Javier Trujillo returns to the Full Metal Dojo

    FULL METAL DOJO... The fastest Crushing blow, right above the ear, of the MMA Universe. BANGKOK THAILAND... You Should Go There.

    Posted by FULL METAL DOJO on Sunday, 26 February 2017

    Javier "The Honey Badger" Trujillo may be a nice guy outside of the cage, but once he steps into the Full Metal Dojo he becomes one of the most ferocious fighters you'll ever see.

    That's a bold claim, I know. But with a six-second knockout on Trujillo's resume, it's hard to argue otherwise. And if that's not enough, make sure to re-visit his destruction of Gokul Keshavan and Malik Cache inside the Full Metal Dojo, as well.

    As for what we can expect from Javier Trujillo at Full Metal Dojo 15, he told RealSport:

    You can expect another sensational and violent finish. I don't go out to eek a win, I go out to murder. Don't blink or leave your seat when the bell rings, because you might just miss a highlight victory.

    At 27-years-old, Trujillo's career is just getting started. Like Tommy Hayden, Trujillo trains and teaches at Bangkok Fight Lab. He's near impossible to handle when the fight hits the mat and he's now become just as dangerous if the fight remains standing. Trujillo has been working with Paul Windsor to further improve his boxing and we're now seeing the beginnings of a fighter who possesses first-round finishing ability every time he steps into the Full Metal Dojo.

  3. 3 Full Metal Dojo's 'super promoter' Jon Nutt

    Full Metal Dojo promoter and CEO, Jon Nutt, is possibly the most inspiring of all people involved in mixed martial arts across South East Asia. Where there is MMA, Jon Nutt is there too.

    He's charismatic, often surprising, but most of all, he is the reason behind Full Metal Dojo's complete success as not just a mixed martial arts event, but an entertaining (and addicting) spectacle for anyone watching.

    In the earlier days of Full Metal Dojo, Jon Nutt told James Goyder and ROUGH:

    “We at FMD are just a couple of friends who like to throw parties. It just so happens that our parties are the best live mixed martial arts show on the planet. We can’t claim to be the biggest or the best but I can easily argue that an FMD event is more fun than any of the others out there.”

    It's that last sentence which best represents my (and anyone who has witnessed Full Metal Dojo live) thoughts of the promotion.

  4. 4 The little extras which make all the difference

    FMD15 Trailer

    FULL METAL DOJO presents ... FMD15: Come Out to PlayNovember 4th at Insanity Nightclub, Sukhumvit 11, Bangkok.Tickets, tables and event info at: https://www.ticketmelon.com/event/fmd15

    Posted by FULL METAL DOJO on Wednesday, 11 October 2017

    If you were wondering what makes Full Metal Dojo more exciting and entertaining than other MMA events, it's because the promotion is seemingly more creative than any other.

    While many of the larger promotions stick to their own pre-defined guidelines and rules, Full Metal Dojo has none. They experiment, adapt and continually plan new ideas and concepts.

    Before the main event, there is often a short film which blends in perfectly with the fighters entrances to the Full Metal Dojo. A great example of this is when the promotion made it seem like Tommy Hayden arrived at the event on a motorbike at FMD 13.

    For Full Metal Dojo 14, the organization had arranged stand-up comedian and actor T. J. Miller to join the commentary team but unsuspecting events leading up the date forced Miller to cancel his trip to Bangkok.

    If one thing is certain, it's that Full Metal Dojo 15 will contain plenty of surprises for fans in attendance and those watching via the Facebook live stream, as well.

  5. 5 Competitive and entertaining fights from start to finish

    FMD15 - Javier callout


    Posted by FULL METAL DOJO on Thursday, 19 October 2017

    This time around, Full Metal Dojo have brought back many of their previous stars and a bunch of fresh faces to compete in the organization.

    Former ONE Championship competitor Tharoth "Little Frog" Sam will return to Full Metal Dojo to battle Kaewjai Prachumwong. "Little Frog" was involved in a crowd-pleasing war with Surarak Kamla at FMD 14 and fans will be excited to see her return. 

    Full Metal Dojo 15 card

    • Tommy Hayden vs. Jason Ponet
    • Tharoth Sam vs. Kaewjai Prachumwong
    • Javier Trujillo vs. Mehdi Bagheri
    • Meas Meul vs. Allen Chong
    • Sunisa Srisan vs. Phunsasorn Thanuthong
    • Detchadin Srosirisuphathin vs. Kushal Vyas
    • Ben Royle vs. Jason Cleveland
    • Akihiro Fujisawa vs. Rittisak Pravan
    • Jirawat Anujai vs. Poeu Chie
    • Natchanokchon Pooyatorn vs. Meredith Wenrich

    FMD15 will be broadcast live to the world on the Full Metal Dojo Facebook page on Saturday, November 4th, from 8:30pm local time (6:30am PT / 9:30am ET / 2:30pm CET), featuring live all-star commentary in English and Thai.

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