FACEIT Ignite: Everything you need to know about the EU Halo event!

From August 17th-18th 32 Halo 3 teams will do battle in London's Twickenham Stadium.

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Halo 3 is back and better than ever as the signature staple of the MLG Pro Circuit has been resurrected for competitive play, and the action heads over to Europe as FACEIT will be hosting the $30,000 FACEIT Ignite tournament. A 32 team open event, this is the first major Halo 3 LAN in Europe since the early 2010s. 

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 Talent, times, and tickets 


Halo events would be nothing without great casting, and FACEIT has put together an all-star lineup of talent. While we will all miss Lottie Van-Praag as host, Freya Spiers is a fantastic replacement and I am looking forward to the always lively analyst desk. 

As an open event, FACEIT had 29 team passes for sale (three teams are already invited) and for all team pass owners the roster lock is August 10th! If you fail to submit a full roster by the 10th you can still participate but you will be unseeded. 

The event is only a two-day affair, and day one will be a busy day of group stage matches. If you are eliminated day one you can compete in the Halo 5 2v2 event for free or you can watch the playoff stage on Championship Sunday. If you would like to spectate only then you can do so as well for the low price of 11 pounds for a weekend pass or 8 pounds per day if you wanted to go for a day only. 

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Format and prize distribution

The format is different compared to the typical HCS event, but it is relatively simple. There will be a seeded Swiss group stage that will take place over four rounds. You need to win three games to advance to the upper bracket on Sunday, and three losses will send you out of the tournament. 

Championship Sunday will go along fairly traditional routes as a double elimination bracket that feeds into a best of seven grand final. 343i and FACEIT are paying out the top 6 spots in the following order. 

1st Place - $10000
2nd Place - $6000
3rd Place - $4000
4th Place - $2500
5th & 6th Place - $1250 

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