Everton: Ronald Koeman shouldn’t be fired. Yet.

All of these new players at the club still need time to gel together

Another defeat for Everton, this time at home to Burnley, their fourth in the last five games has left Ronald Koeman fighting for his place as manager. To make matters worse, he even received the total support of the club’s owner, Farhad Moshiri after the defeat, which is as good as a death knell for a coach in football. Make no mistake, the Dutchman is not in a secure position right now, having spent over £140 million in the summer and the club now finding themselves in 16th place in the league, having only scored four goals so far.

However, a bit more time should be given since having invested this much, it’s more than likely that a new manager would come in and ask for a whole load more money to be spent. Koeman is a good manager, though perhaps not as good as he thinks, and there’s no doubt the pressure’s on him, but he should be backed to turn it around.

Poor summer spending has upset the team

There can be little doubt that many of the moves that were made over the summer have not come off, with several players seemingly bought for the same position (that of the role just behind the striker). Furthermore, you have a squad of attackers that are completely lacking in pace and dynamism, something that you need in modern football. Koeman has had to rely quite a lot on Dominic Calvert-Lewin to lead the line, and for all his talent, he’s still learning what it takes to compete at the very top level. 

Young, English talents such as Michael Keane and Jordan Pickford were also purchased for big money, yet it seems to be that nobody thought about replacing the man who was guaranteeing them 20 goals a season, Romelu Lukaku. To have expected them to be fine without him is madness.

Not solely Koeman’s fault

However, Koeman cannot be entirely to blame for all this, since he is not the head of recruitment at the club. It is not him who is solely in charge of getting hold of the right players. That responsibility falls on the shoulders of Steve Walsh, who was lured away from Leicester City after their title victory, and yet seems to have lost his golden touch. He has lumbered his manager with a squad that is both lacking in pace and lacking in goals. Granted, Koeman can’t avoid all the blame, since he will have had a major say in who to buy, but he has not been helped out by those behind the scenes.

At present though, the focus in on the manager, as is usually the case and it is now down to him to work with the players that are at his disposal. Since arriving in English football, he has shown himself to be good at getting the best out of the players that he has, whether it was a Southampton team that was heavily decimated by transfers out of the club as soon as he arrived or with an Everton team that had been managed incredibly poorly by Roberto Martinez over the previous two years. He’s a man of experience, both on and off the field, who deserves a chance over the next month to turn it around. Some of the fixtures are a bit easier than they have been (though that’s not saying too much given Everton’s recent results). He’ll be hoping that he’ll still be there to oversee some improvement.

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