Donald Cerrone: Keys to victory at UFC Fight Night 118

How can Donald Cerrone walk away with a victory against Darren Till at UFC Fight Night 118 in Poland?

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is known to most for two things, his life-loving attitude and exciting fighting style. Whether it’s skydiving, wake boarding, or fighting in front of thousands of fans there’s no denying Cerrone is an adrenaline junky. So that left many to question why Cerrone picked what they perceive is a “safe” fight against Darren Till, who only has four fights inside the UFC with three wins and one draw. But Darren Till is far from a safe fight, with 15 wins and no losses, 9 of which by way of KO/TKO, Till poses a threat to anybody in the division. 

Coming off of a two-loss streak Donald Cerrone has the advantage in almost every aspect, especially experience, with 42 professional fights under his belt compared to Tills 15. But that doesn’t guarantee a victory, there’s no doubt Cerrone will have to bring his A game. Till has an extensive striking background, as does Cerrone, but that means Till is capable of knocking anybody in the division out.

So what’s the best way for Donald Cerrone to end Darren Till’s win streak? 

Keys to victory

Cerrone is great at picking apart fighters from range, but in this fight that might prove hard. With Darren Till having the reach advantage, Cerrone's best chance against Till could be to come in close or put pressure on Till against the octagon cage, not allowing his opponent to get dynamic with his strikes and sitting out of range. With Cerrone's powerful knees and elbows, close range striking could suit him best, even though Till has a strong Muay Thai background. But if that option isn't available Cerrone could keep Till at bay with his dangerous kicks, mixing it up with low kicks and high kicks could prove advantageous as it isn't likely Till will want to take the fight to the ground.

The ground advantage goes to Cerrone who holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. With an arsenal of submissions, Cerrone looks for the finish no matter what position he is in, in fact, Cerrone won his first eight fights by way of submission. If the fight isn't going Cerrone's way on the feet, you can almost guarantee he will try to take it canvas and submit Till. If Till takes Cerrone down, then it's unlikely he will finish the fight with submissions. Even though Till has submission wins, Cerrone's ground game is too advanced, and with dangerous triangle chokes Cerrone is more than comfortable off of his back.

Keys to victory

  • Keep Till at bay by using kicks
  • Force grappling exchanges
  • Knees and elbows in the clinch
  • Dominate the ground game
  • Fluidly transition from positions to open up submissions

Will Donald Cerrone get back in the win column, or will Darren Till keep his perfect record? Let us know what you think below.

  1. Who will win the main event at UFC Fight Night 118

    1. Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone
    2. Darren Till
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