Darren Till: The new pride of Liverpool

Darren Till made his mark on the UFC with his first round stomping of Donald Cerrone at UFC Fight Night 118. He believes he is going straight to the top.

Darren Till, the 24-year-old British sensation, has as much confidence as he does knockout power. UFC president, Dana White, called him “the future” but Till strongly believes he is the present.

After Darren Till blew through UFC legend Donald Cerrone at UFC Fight Night 118 the world started to pay attention. He calls himself the greatest fighter on the planet and has given us little reason to doubt him.

The adopted son of Brazil

A native of Liverpool, Darren Till saw his fair share of trouble growing up. Much to the dismay of his parents, he dropped out of school at 13 to focus on fighting but saw some distractions along the way. At just 19, a fight at a Liverpool house party would change his life forever. Till was stabbed in the back just inches from an artery. This incident prompted Till’s coach to suggest a trip to Brazil to learn to grapple and free himself of distractions. He agreed and moved to Brazil with no knowledge of the language or culture, with the goal of becoming a champion. 

When Till arrived in Brazil, he admittedly did not know much about grappling or wrestling but claims that he learned quickly and began to submit black-belts. He planned to stay in Brazil for six months but ended up living there for about four years. Till met a girl and in his words, “she got pregnant real quick,” so he stayed to spend time with his new daughter. Eventually, Till would get his shot in the UFC and return home to Liverpool. He dreams of using his success to bring his family a better life. To this day, Till is introduced in the octagon with both the British and Brazilian flags behind him.

Refusal to lose

Darren Till began his professional career at the age of 15 as a Muay Thai kickboxer. He would go on to hold a record of 44-0 in the sport with a staggering 33 knockouts and become the K-1 European champion. Till transitioned to MMA at 17 and saw similar success. During his time in Brazil, Till fought professionally for various promotions across South America. He put together a 12-0 professional record outside of the UFC including ten knockouts and two submissions. His work had not gone unnoticed as Till received a call offering him a short notice fight in the UFC just weeks after his latest victory.

When Darren Till’s shot to make his mark on the UFC finally came, he would make the most of it. In his 2015 UFC debut, Till rained down devastating elbows on Wendell De Olivera to earn a second-round stoppage. Just five months later, he would draw with Nicolas Dalby in an absolute slugfest that won ‘Fight of the Night’ honors. The UFC world took notice of Till as a very large welterweight with a fight-stopping left hand. After two more decision victories, pushing his record to 15-0-1, Darren Till was given the opportunity of a lifetime when he earned a fight against UFC legend, Donald Cerrone. Just four minutes and twenty seconds into the fight and referee, Marc Goddard was pushing Till off a turtled up “Cowboy”, sealing his most important victory today. 

After this massive win, it seems that the only person who was not surprised was Darren Till. Thanks to his monumental victory, Till will shoot into the welterweight rankings and have the chance to make good on his word that he is the greatest fighter on the planet.

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