Bellator 185: Results and best moments

Bellator 185 was a fun event with some shocking outcomes. With all the changes to the main card, it was hard to tell which way this would go.

Ana Julaton vs Lisa Blaine

Both fighters made their Bellator debuts at Bellator 185. Neither fighter wanted to commit to the takedown early, but Blaine executed a nice trip toward the end of the first round. It was short lived as Julaton brought the fight back to their feet.

Rounds two and three were more of the same, both fighters dancing a lot with Blaine scoring takedowns. Julaton continued working her kicks and doing damage, this fight was close after two, but round three is where Blaine separated from her opponent. 

This fight went to the judges with Lisa Blaine winning by split decision. Blaine finished strong which was the deciding factor. Julaton was striking well but just ran out of gas. It’ll be interesting to see where these fighters go from here. 

Marcus Surin vs Ryan Quinn

This lightweight bout featured the undefeated Marcus “The Blueprint” Surin vs Ryan “The Mighty” Quinn, both given the opportunity to be on the main card after injuries and other developments to the card. Round one started fast, both fighters taking this main card opportunity seriously. With some great striking and back-and-forth grappling between the two. Quinn was in control most of the round. 

Rounds two and three were similar to round one but with a higher intensity. Quinn was all over the blueprint from the onset with an aggressive and impactful ground game. Quinn won the fight by unanimous decision. 

Quinn’s offense on the ground was impressive, and the reason he won. Surin executed some excellent throws and did a great job defending. The grappling on display by these fighters was fun to watch and refreshing to see such an aggressive display. These fighters answered the call and performed well on the main card.

Heather Hardy vs Kristina Williams

Kristina "Warhorse" Williams and Heather "The Heat" Hardy both looked ready to go on their walks to the cage. Williams ignores the offer to touch gloves at the beginning. Williams lead the round with a barrage of kicks, Heather didn't look comfortable until a minute or two in the round. Heather landed punches but every time she landed a punch, Williams threw a kick. 

Round two begins with Williams in the driver's seat again. Early in the round, Heather recovered from being tripped, but soon after a brutal right kick landed directly onto Heather's nose. Williams won by TKO doctor stoppage early in round two. Williams was vicious from start to finish, her kicks were the deciding factor and too much to handle. Williams had as good a debut as one might have in MMA. 

She will be a force in the division. Her kicks were deadly and never let up, Williams just put Bellator on notice, and fans should be excited about seeing her in the future. Her debut was impressive, and her striking is deadly. 

Zak Bucia vs Neiman Gracie

This welterweight bout featured the undefeated Neiman Gracie putting that record on the line. Zak Bucia stepped up and took this fight on less than a weeks notice. Round one began with both fighters moving fast with Gracie taking this one to the ground and executing great Jiu Jitsu. Bucia does a good job defending Gracie's ground game and pulls off an excellent reverse. Round one ended with great Jiu Jitsu by Gracie, but Bucia did a good job defending and preventing the submission.

In round two, Bucia could get more strikes in, and kept his distance. He ran out of room though and eventually his body was against the cage, giving Gracie the opportunity he needed to take the fight back to the ground. Late in round two, Gracie would take the fight with a nasty neck crank. 

All the more impressive is Neiman Gracie is the first fighter to submit Zak Bucia who's now got 27 fights under his belt. Neiman Gracie showed his class during his post-fight interview by thanking his opponent for taking the fight on short notice. 

Gegard Mousasi vs Alexander Shlemenko

The much-anticipated main event did not disappoint. Mousasi was much more patient while Shlemenko was pushing the tempo from the beginning. Shlemenko did a great job of preventing Mousasi's first takedown attempt and attempting a standing guillotine choke. Mousasi delivers a hard takedown soon after and almost sinks in a rear naked choke frequently. Shlemenko had a brilliant escape. 

Round one was an absolute throw down. Shlemenko did serious damage to Mousasi, his right eye was swollen shut by a nice right hand.

Round two required a doctor to check on Mousasi before beginning. It started with strikes coming hard and fast from Shlemenko with that eye injury becoming an apparent problem early in the round. Mousasi kept his distance from Shlemenko as he is throwing strikes from every angle possible. Mousasi finally lands a takedown to slow the fight down. Slowing the fight down with the takedown turned out to be the right decision. However, Shlemenko's striking was more effective in the round.

Round three began like the rounds before it, Shlemenko striking from all angles. He really looked good from the opening bell. Shlemenko threw a knee that wobbled Mousasi, allowing him to keep working on that right eye with subsequent strikes including a spinning back-fist.

Shlemenko got takedowns and was firing at will halfway through the round. Mousasi couldn't see the strikes coming to his right side. Shlemenko dominated the third round, and that's an understatement. At the end of the round, Mousasi was damaged, but Shlemenko looked fine.

The first round looked to be a clear victory for Mousasi, round two could have gone either way, and round three was a dominant performance from Shlemenko. This fight went to the judges with Gegard Mousasi winning by unanimous decision. The crowd offered a mixed reaction after hearing the outcome.

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Bellator 185 had so many changes to the card with injuries and what not, but it turned out to be a great night of fights. Some of the outcomes were shocking and impressive. Let us know in the comments some of your favorite moments.

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