Bathurst 1000: The ultimate Great Race quiz (trivia)

Think you know everything about the Bathurst 1000? Prove it with our complete quiz covering the Great Race.

  1. 1 How many laps does it take to complete the Bathurst 1000?

    1. 141
    2. 151
    3. 161
    4. 171


    A nice easy one to start with. The 1000km race is made up of 161 laps around the famous Mountain.

  2. 2 Who has won the Great Race the most times?

    1. Allan Moffatt
    2. Larry Perkins
    3. Jim Richards
    4. Peter Brock

    Peter Brock

    The great Peter Brock, known as the King of the Mountain still holds the record for wins in the Great Race with nine.

    Closest rival Jim Richards is two back with seven wins, while Larry Perkins managed six and Allan Moffatt four triumphs at Bathurst.

  3. 3 As a manufacturer, how many times have Holden won the Bathurst 1000?

    1. 31 times
    2. 32 times
    3. 33 times
    4. 34 times

    31 times

    The most successful manufacturer on the Mountain, a Holden has won the Bathurst 1000 31 times.

  4. 4 As a manufacturer, how many times have Ford won the Bathurst 1000?

    1. 19 times
    2. 20 times
    3. 21 times
    4. 22 times

    20 times

    A Ford has won the Bathurst 1000 a total of 20 times, 11 behind long-time rivals Holden.

  5. 5 Which driver has recorded the most starts in Bathurst 1000 history?

    1. Peter Brock
    2. Jim Richards
    3. Mark Skaife
    4. Craig Lowndes

    Jim Richards

    'Gentleman' Jim Richards holds the record for the most starts in Bathurst 1000 history with 35 starts at the Mountain from 1974 to 2006.

    Sitting in second is Peter Brock with 32 starts.

  6. 6 Who holds the record for the smallest margin of victory in the Bathurst 1000?

    1. Mark Skaife & Jim Richards
    2. Garth Tander & Nick Percat
    3. Jamie Whincup & Craig Lowndes
    4. Will Davison & Jonathon Webb

    Will Davison & Jonathon Webb

    The 2016 Bathurst 1000 crown went to the Team Tekno entry of Will Davison & Jonathon Webb under controversial circumstances.

    The pair finished ahead of Shane van Gisbergen and Alexandre Premat by 0:00.1434s, which ranks as the smallest margin of victory ever.

  7. 7 Who is the youngest race winner in Bathurst 1000 history?

    1. Nick Percat
    2. Rick Kelly
    3. Jason Bright
    4. Garth Tander

    Rick Kelly

    When Rick Kelly won the Bathurst 1000 in 2003 alongside Greg Murphy, he was just 20 years and 268 days old.

  8. 8 How many pole positions did Mark Skaife manage at Bathurst?

    1. Two
    2. Three
    3. Four
    4. Five


    Between 1991 and 2006, Mark Skaife, one of the true greats in the sport, managed to nab pole position for the Great Race on five occasions.

  9. 9 How many times did Ford legend Dick Johnson win the Bathurst 1000?

    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three
    4. Four


    Dick Johnson managed to stand on the top step of the Great Race on three occasions, in 1981, 1989 and 1994.

  10. 10 In what year did Craig Lowndes win his first Bathurst 1000?

    1. 1994
    2. 1996
    3. 1997
    4. 1999


    Having come second in 1994, Craig Lowndes paired with Greg Murphy to steer the Holden Racing Team Commodore to the top step on the Mountain in 1996.

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