Barcelona wins at home as nearly 98,000 fans wait outside

Tensions rose outside the Camp Nou as Barcelona win 3-0 against Las Palmas, but could the club face punishment?

Barcelona won the match with a decisive scoreline but the match was just almost as fierce as some of the action outside the stadium. In just under 30′ minutes of action, the referee handed out six yellow cards, of which five went to Barcelona.

Sergio Busquets opened the scoring in the 49′ minute through a set piece. Lionel crossed a beautiful ball in, with Sergio heading it home in a graceful action putting them up 1-0. Denis Suarez played in a darting through ball in the, 70′ minute that cut through Las Palmas’ defence like a hot knife through butter, allowing Messi to reel the ball in and bamboozle the goalie one on one to make it 2-0. The final scoring play of the match came just seven-minutes later with striker Luis Suarez playing a wonderful one-two that left the defence frozen as Messi put the ball home to finish the match of 3-0.

RealSport takes a look at how Barcelona bagged the three points, consequences they may face, and what are the possible options for the Spanish giants.

Match analysis

Over the course of the match, Las Palmas were marginally able to hold possession over Barcelona but that was about the only statistic where they were superior. Barcelona took twice as many shots and had nine more shots on goal than Las Palmas' lone shot on goal which did not cause much trouble for Barcelona's keeper.

TeamShotsshots on goal possession (%) 
Las Palmas

With such a difference in the attacking third, the scoreline just reiterated how dominant Barcelona was compared to their opponents on the night. Lionel Messi adds to goal tally of this campaign whereas his rival Cristiano Ronaldo has yet to put one away. With all three points in their pocket, La Blaugrana has now won every game in La Liga.

Wonderful as always, Lionel Messi not only scored a brace and ran riot on the score sheet, he single-handedly out dribbled his opponents. Six players from Las Palmas strung together the teams nine dribbles on the night, but Messi's efforts had him piecing together 11 dribbles alone.

Politics meets football

Yesterday the citizens of Catalunya took to the voting polls for a referendum that may just make them an independent state. The final tally had 90% of voters agreeing with the decision to take the first step in becoming an independent state. Unfortunately, the 2017 trend of politics stepping into the world of sports has continued - the Trump vs. NFL/NBA debacle now has a European counter-part.

The doors of the Camp Nou were closed due to security concerns as clashes ensued outside the stadium and around the Catalan state. Fans were left stranded outside, some in despair whilst others in immense frustration as their club played in silence, it was all a very odd sight.

Worst experience as a professional - Pique on the atmosphere of yesterday's match 

The initial thought was the game would be suspended but rumours flew that the league would hand down a punishment of a six point loss had the match not been played, leaving them one point ahead of Real Madrid. It was a sticky situation yesterday, and it seemed as if whatever Barcelona did they were in trouble. 

Just minutes before the match kicked-off vice president of Barcelona Carles Vilarrubi resigned after the decision to still play against Las Palmas was announced. His action was in protest to the league's decisiveness to force the match to continue. Many are speculating this will not be the only big resignation to come out of a club that is so deeply rooted in the culture of Catalunya.

Spain is an incredible country, with its literature, sport, cities... But there is a need to understand that there is a population which wishes to decide its own future. - Former Barcelona Manager Pep on yesterday's situation 

Las Palmas also showed a sign of patriotism as they donned a jersey was yet to be seen this season, a Spanish flag etched into it. Another smart decision for Barcelona to play the match behind doors as fans may have seen the Canary Islands boys jersey as a protest to their movement. 

Back in Madrid, fans entering the Bernabeu were handed Spanish flags which were then held up in the 12-minute of the match. Use of the 12th minute was a reference to the 12th man. The idea behind the movement was to show their opponents on the night Espanyol, a Çatalan based club that there is no rhyme or reason for the pressure to become independent. The action was also echoed around Spain where it gathered attention on multiple news outlets. 

What now?


With 90% of the those living in Catalunya in favour of an independent state, the sporting world is more focused on what will happen to the biggest club.  Barcelona's fate is under speculation right now but nothing has been decided. The three most viable options as of right now are: 

  1. Stay in La Liga
  2. Move to Premiership
  3. Move to Ligue 1

Much like Monaco, many state that there is no reason Barcelona cannot carry out their destiny the same way. Monaco is a principality under their own autonomy but can still play in the French League. La Liga will work very hard to ensure the club does not fall out of their grasp as they bring in a plethora of revenue to the league through various channels, such as viewership, apparel and the most beloved, TV rights. 

A move to another league is much more unlikely for the fate of Barcelona as that would throw off the balance of other leagues who for one would not welcome such a powerful squad and involve a lot of travel. 

What will come of Barcelona? Will they stay or will they go? Let us know in the comment section below.

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