At least we can dream: Rumored fights we would love to see in 2018

These fights may never happen but during a week of no fighting, we can let our imaginations run wild.

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It is a bit of a dark week in the fighting world with no major organizations holding events. Despite the lack of action, rumors and call-outs continue to swirl and pile up. Now, obviously well over 50 percent of rumored fights never come to fruition, but we really hope that these do. 

Some of the greatest fighters in the world have been on the shelf for way too long. Will Georges St-Pierre or Jon Jones ever fight again? Who knows!? Here is a list of pure speculation and fantasizing to hold you over until next week when the fighting resumes. 

  1. 1 Georges St-Pierre vs. Ben Askren

    This fight actually happening would be a dream come true. A matchup between these two legends could definitively tell us who the greatest welterweight fighter of all time is. The only problem is that St-Pierre seems content with the retired life while Askren retired from fighting a year ago. "Funky Ben" did say, however, that a fight with Georges St-Pierre could easily get him back in the cage. 

    Georges St-Pierre's resume speaks for itself. He won 13 title fights in the UFC, including his most recent at middleweight over Michael Bisping. St-Pierre is a relentless wrestler and would make for a fantastic grappling match with the Olympic wrestler, Askren. "GSP" recently said he thinks he would have a great fight with Askren but because he is not a well-known fighter, it would not do much for his legacy. He would prefer Askren come to the UFC and get a few wins under him belt before taking the fight. 

    Ben Askren is a tricky situation. The undefeated former champion of Bellator and ONE FC has been dominant throughout his career but never fought in the UFC thanks to differences with Dana White. White considers Askren a boring fighter and even went as far to say that when Ambien wants to fall asleep, it watches Ben Askren fight. Askren is a four time NCAA All-American wrestler and two time national champion. His wrestling has made him extremely dominant throughout his career and would create a gritty matchup with the equally tough Georges St-Pierre. 

  2. 2 TJ Dillashaw vs. Demetrious Johnson

    This is the fight on this list that is the most likely to actually happen. Whenever Dana White is asked about it, he says it is "in the works" but does not give any more details than that. Rumors swirled for a bit that the fight would take place at UFC 226 as the co-main event to Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier but that has not been verified.The fighters would cut to flyweight for Demetrious Johnson's belt.

    TJ Dillashaw has campaigned for this fight to happen for a long time; even before he won his bantamweight belt back from Cody Garbrandt. He has accused Johnson of ducking him time and time again while Johnson has asked Dillashaw to get one fight in at flyweight to prove he can make the weight. Dillashaw recently posted a picture on Instagram of him on a scale at 145 pounds so he looks ready to make the weight cut.

    Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson is the flyweight king and possibly the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. He is the only fighter to ever hold the UFC Flyweight tile and has defended it a record 11 times. Frankly, Johnson is running out of challengers to steamroll so it might be time to bring in some bantamweights. This makes for one of the more exciting super-fights out there and best of all, it might actually happen!


  3. 3 Gegard Mousasi vs. Rory MacDonald

    This one seems more like trash-talk than an actual fight in the making but who know what could happen down the road. Mousasi says that his plan is to win the Bellator Middleweight title and then take a super-fight with Rory MacDonald should MacDonald want to come up to 185. Mousasi has not been shy with his feelings on MacDonald, saying he looks like a serial killer and needs to keep his mouth shut. 

    Anyone who saw Rory MacDonald's last fight to win the Bellator Welterweight title against Douglas Lima will understand if he needs some time to recover. His leg was not a pretty sight by the end of that fight and is still in recovery. Should Mousasi win the middleweight belt, this would make for an excellent fight. There is no quit in him at all but MacDonald, who used to fight at lightweight, would have to beef up quite a bit to look like a legitimate middleweight.

  4. 4 Cris Cyborg vs. Amanda Nunes

    The UFC is all about super-fights these days and this would be another good one. It is difficult finding opponents to face Cyborg at featherweight and at this point, it looks more like human sacrifice than a fight. Holly Holm gave her a good fight but there are limited women that can make that jump to 145 pounds. Dana White has already said Cyborg vs. Nunes is the fight to make. Cyborg has expressed her discomfort with a Brazil vs. Brazil fight but would take the fight anyway.

    Amanda Nunes, like most of Cris Cyborg's opponents, is a natural bantamweight and the current UFC Bantamweight Champion. She has a fight scheduled with Raquel Pennington at UFC 224 and will have to win that one to make the super-fight happen. Nunes is actually the one that called Cyborg out in the first place but took the Pennington fight soon after. Dana White said he hopes Nunes can have a quick turnaround if she wins so she can take on Cyborg later in the year. 

  5. 5 Jon Jones vs. Anybody

    A large portion of the MMA community may have given up on Jon Jones at this point and that is understandable, but many people would love to see him fight again. Jones may be the most skilled fighter out there but issues out of the cage keep coming back to haunt him. Believing Jones regarding his most recent drug test failure is all opinion based, but if he can prove his innocence, we could see Jones fight in 2018 or 2019.

    Daniel Cormier is the obvious choice for an opponent for Jones but it seems unfair to "DC" to put him through this a third time. Jon Jones will forever be connected to the legacy of Daniel Cormier for the wrong reasons. Another option is the freak-show fight of Jones vs. Brock Lesnar. This fight seemed to be building toward reality until Jones failed his drug test. No matter who the opponent, it would be great to see Jon Jones back in the cage with zero controversy before or after the fight.

What fights would you like to see in 2018? Leave a comment below.

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