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UFC 4 Roster Update adds Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett, Molly McCann and others

There's a new reason to hit the octagon after the latest UFC 4 roster update which brings Paddy Pimblett to the game.

Pimblett isn't the only fighter coming to the game today, though, and we've got a reveal trailer showcasing all the exciting new additions!

Here are the four new fighters that you'll soon be able to play as in UFC 4.

UFC 4 Roster Update Adds 4 Exciting New Fighters

As we mentioned, Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett is one of many fighters coming to the UFC 4 roster in the latest update.

An incredibly talented and charismatic fighter, Pimblett will likely become one of the most played fighters in the game. Check out the reveal video below:

Along with Pimblett comes Molly McCann, Paul Craig, and Tom Aspinall. You can see all of them showcase their skills in the UFC 4 roster update video.

Here is the list of new UFC 4 fighters and their divisions:

  • Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett - Lightweight
  • Molly McCann - Flyweight
  • Paul Craig - Light Heavyweight
  • Tom Aspinall - Heavyweight

Only one of these fighters had their ratings revealed via Twitter, so let's take a look at what Paddy Pimblett will bring to the UFC 4 roster.

Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett Ratings

Pimblett has been a professional fighter since 2012 and his charisma is reminiscent of Connor McGregor.

With that, it's no surprise that he was added to the UFC 4 roster during this update.

UFC 4 Roster Update
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RATINGS REVEAL: Paddy received a 3.5 Star rating during this update

His ratings, however, don't necessarily reflect his 18-3 record. This is because many feel Pimblett has yet to face a proper challenge in the UFC. With that, Pemblett joins the UFC 4 roster with an overall rating of 3.5 Stars, breaking down to the following:

  • Grappling - 4 Stars
  • Striking - 3.5 Stars
  • Health - 4 Stars

UFC 4 free for EA Play Subscribers

If you don't have UFC 4 yet, we've got a great way for you to add the game to your PlayStation system.

For a game that still currently costs $59.99 on next-gen systems, you can instead get it for free on EA Play.

If you do, you'll get the game along with the current UFC 4 roster update, giving you the chance to take over the octagon with the latest fighters.

UFC 4 roster
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FREE ON EA PLAY: You still have time to play the game, head to EA Play today

EA Play monthly subscriptions aren't too bad either, especially for the catalog of games you'll get to play. Plenty more than just UFC 4 are available.

With just $4.99 a month, you can sign up for EA Play right here. To learn more about the last UFC 4 roster update before this one, head here.

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