UFC 4 Roster Size: What do we know, how may fighters, details, and more

The UFC 4 roster seems to be building nicely, with all the latest fighters revealed for the game, but just what size are we talking?

With the game release just around the corner, here's what we know so far, and what you could expect in UFC 4.

How big is the roster in UFC 4?

At the moment, the size of the UFC 4 roster is yet to be confirmed.

Rumours say that there will be around 200 fighters in the game, which is sure to give players a huge amount of selection and replayability in the title.

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THE BEST YET? The game looks to have extensive depth and authenticity

We asked EA UFC 4's Creative Director, Brian Hayes, if we could expect to see any more additions to the roster, in the way of new special fighters.

"So the fighters that we have announced are thus far the only ones you can for certain expect.

But those are the kind of acclamations that we’re always interested in exploring"

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So it looks likely that the official size of the roster may also be the final size.

When will we know the size of the roster?

With members of EA Access being able to get early access, we're likely to be finding out sooner rather than later, so make sure to watch this space.

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Release Date & Pre-orders

UFC 4 releases on 14 August 2020, and is available to play on Xbox One and PS4.

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SUBMIT! To the awesome pre-order bonuses!

If you want to absolutely guarantee you get a copy for day one of release, you'll want to pre-order.

There are loads of pre-order bonuses, including a playable Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. You can check out all the editions by clicking the link below.

PRE-ORDER NOW: UFC 4 for Xbox One and PS4

For everything UFC 4, from fighter ratings to everything career mode, be sure to check back in.

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