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UFC 4 Gameplay Trailer REVEALED - New features, New submission system, controls & more

More and more UFC 4 news is spilling out, with a brand new gameplay trailer revealed for the new EA game.

Let's take a look at what's on offer in this fantastic addition to the fighting series.

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UFC 4 Gameplay Trailer

To follow the epic announcement trailer, this deep dive into the game mechanics of the title really gives us a lot to go on.

New Gameplay Features

There are plenty of facets from the game that are showcased in the trailer.


Fluid Clinch Control

UFC 4 is introducing something called RPM tech, which stands for - Real Player Motion Technology.

This feature allows fluid clinching, which is driven by positioning and context.

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BE LIKE WATER! And let the damage flow!

Clinches are now linked together with striking, similar to real-life competitions, which will give a much more authentic feel to the game.


Takedown Overhaul

RPM tech is now in takedowns as well, meaning we get to see loads of different animations.

You can now power carry, go into a defensive sprawl, or even 'drive' at each other to see who comes out on top (literally in this case).

It's great to see the motion of wrestling and grappling captured so well in a game!

High Impact Movements

Some of the most entertaining, but brutal moments in the UFC are knockouts. UFC 4 has captured the realism behind such powerful moves with high impact moments.

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K.O! High Impact Moments bring you even closer to the MMA experience

You'll see skin rippling, you'll hear the disorientated sounds after a hard shot and you'll feel the power of the devastating blows!


New Submission System

The much demanded new submission system looks better than ever.

There's now a new ability to strike from the submission phase and also transition to move in for the finishing hold.

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High impact slams can also be used! So don't relax too much!

Grapple Assist

A more intuitive control scheme allows players to pick up this vital part of fighting - the ground game. You can either ‘get-up’, ‘submit’, or advance to a more dangerous ‘ground and pound’ position.

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LET'S TALK! Getting smashed from a ground and pound position is a recipe for disaster!

Simply use the left stick and point in the right direction!


Dynamic Striking Inputs

The controller scheme has now been re-designed to allow for better combinations and striking.

Players can choose between tapping the button to strike with speed, or holding for a slower, more damaging blow.

Devastating Ground and Pound

On both sides of the coin, ground and pound give players far more control than in previous iterations.

Attacking, you can pick your spots carefully for maximum damage, but defending you'll be able to move your head and evade the strikes!

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EA Brian Hayes Interview

If you're interested in finding out what the Creative Director on UFC 4 has to say about the game, head over here for the full interview!

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