UFC 4 cover on the line at UFC 281 in Adesanya vs Pereira

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There will be a new UFC 4 cover athlete and it will be determined by UFC 281, a fight between Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya.

These two fighters will take the cage this weekend and decide who will land the cover. We also have the promotional video for the fight below.

UFC 4 Cover Athlete Match

This is Alex Pereira's first big fight as a headliner so we're surprised he's even a thought for the UFC 4 cover.

However, since it's not for UFC 5, we imagine that this will just be a limited-run Digital Edition cover, similar to the Deion Sanders cover in Madden 23.

You can play the fight now by heading jumping into the game and playing out the fight. Perhaps the in-game fight will determine who will land the UFC 4 cover.

The fight will take place on Saturday, November 12 at 7 PM so keep that in mind as we near the event.

New Fighter Drop - 11/10

The reason why you'll be able to play the fight for the UFC 4 cover is because of a recent fighter drop in the game.

Three new fighters were added including Alex Pereira, who comes in with a 4.5 rating. We'll get into more specifics on his rating below.

UFC 4 cover
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PEREIRA RATINGS: Ready to take the octagon with Pereira this weekend?

With a pretty strong rating, Pereira comes into the game with significant ratings in Striking (5 Stars) and Health (4.5 Stars).

The potential UFC 4 cover athlete is joined by:

  • Talia Santos - Flyweight - 4.5 Stars
  • Rafael Fiziev - Lightweight - 4.5 Stars

You can take the octagon with any of these three fighters right now in preparation for UFC 281.

Islam Makhachev hits 5 Stars

Another announcement was revealed along with the new UFC 4 cover news as Islam Makhachev finally hit five stars.


The new UFC Champion definitely deserves the ratings boost and joins the exclusive 5-Star Club.

We're expecting more ratings updates, especially after UFC 281. If Pereira wins and earns the UFC 4 cover, he could move up to the 5-Star Club.

If there are any changes to the UFC 4 ratings, we'll be sure to keep you updated with everything you need to know.

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