February 2020 PS Plus Discounts: Apex Legends, MLB The Show, Paladins & more

If you’re already a PlayStation Plus member then taking advantage of these offers is a no brainer!

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Playstation Plus subscribers receive access to exclusive free game offers every month, along with some amazing discounts, just like Xbox Games with Gold.

January 2020 was a great month for PS Plus members, as they were able to download the entire Uncharted collection for free!

In addition, free games are just one of the perks that PS Plus members can take advantage of.

We’ve already covered which Rewards PS Plus members can enjoy, and now we’re going to look into the best exclusive deals that PS Plus has to offer.

Keep reading for the best discounts you can take advantage of as a PS Plus member.

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Apex Legends – PlayStation Plus Play Pack

This is one for all you Apex players – if you’re an avid fan of the battle royale game and already have a PS Plus membership, then don’t miss out on this free offer!

BATTLE IN STYLE: This PS Plus offer will give your Apex character a fresh look

This PS Plus exclusive Play Pack can be redeemed on the PS Plus store and contains:

  • Two character skins (Pathfinder and Bangalore)
  • Two weapon skins (Spitfire and Triple Take)
  • Two banners (Pathfinder and Bangalore)

Head here to redeem this Apex Legends offer.

MLB The Show 18 – 10 Standard Packs

MLB The Show 20 is set for a March 2020 release date, but those of you who are still enjoying the 2018 title can redeem 10 standard packs through your PS Plus membership!

FREE CARDS: You can redeem 10 free item packs with your PS Plus membership

To access your Item Card Packs you need to visit The Show Shop, then ‘Redeem Packs” screen.

Persona 5 – Dancing in Starlight Theme

Persona 5 is the popular Japanese role-playing game, which is part of the Megami Tensei franchise.

DYNAMIC DISPLAY: Bring your PS4 to life with this anime-style dynamic display

Famous for its anime style graphics, you can now download the Persona 5 dynamic theme for your PS4 for free!

Paladins – Viktor Soldier and Skin Collection

If you’re looking to freshen up your look in this online shooter game, then PS Plus has you sorted.

FIGHTING IN FASHION: These Paladins’ items are exclusive to PS Plus members

You can redeem the PlayStation Plus exclusive Soldier and Skin Collection for Viktor, The Lone Wolf, here.

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Of course it’s not just exclusive offers that PS Plus members get access to – the main attraction of the membership is the free games available to download each month.

Check out our article to read about which games we expect to become available as of February 2020, by following this link.

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