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PlayStation 5: Sony reveals the PS5 logo at CES 2020

Sony’s press conference at CES took place last night, and we were expecting some rather big news from the Japanese corporation.

Microsoft recently revealed their upcoming next-gen console – Xbox Series X – at the Game Awards in December.

On the contrary, Sony still has us nit-picking over Reddit design leaks and rumours about the release date, design and specs.

The company’s CES 2020 landing page teased us, saying that “The future is coming”, before revealing the PS5’s logo.

Technically, the PlayStation community did get some PS5-related news, but the logo reveal landed with a bit of a thud.

Especially considering that the logo looks just like those of the PS3 and PS4.

Continue reading for more details on the PS5, such as the alleged price, release date, and exclusive titles.

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When Sony's Jim Ryan took the stage at CES to talk about PlayStation, plenty of fans couldn't help but hope for something, anything related to the PS5. 

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The logo is pretty much the same as the PS3 and PS4's logos

Ryan then said: 

"I'm pleased to share with you today… for the first time...our new logo." 



It's not that the logo reveal isn't exciting, it's just that it is nowhere near as exciting as a design reveal, or new features or exclusive titles announcement would be.

Sadly, the logo was the only new PS5-related development revealed at CES 2020, but Ryan did promise “much more to share on PS5 in the months ahead”.

Release date 

Sony officially confirmed the PS5 will release "Holiday 2020", so somewhere between October and December next year. 

The PS5 will go head-to-head with the new Xbox in November 2020

Furthermore, a leak has suggested the release date will be November 20, which would put it in direct competition with the Xbox Series X, which has a rumoured release date of November


Sony hasn't confirmed a price for the PS5 just yet - however, a leak has suggested that the console will cost $499 in North America when it launches.

That's a similar price to what the Xbox Series X should retail for - around the £400 mark. 



We don't know a huge amount about what's under the PS5's hood, but what we do know is that it'll be significantly more powerful than the PS4 Pro.

It'll likely support Ray Tracing, an advanced lighting technique that is already a feature in some state-of-the-art Nvidia graphics cards. 

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Add to this rumoured 8K support, and a bespoke SSD drive - which will be up to 19 times faster than traditional SSD storage methods, and you've got yourself a very powerful console indeed.

Another trick is that players will be able to install/ remove certain parts of the game - much like on PC. So, if you only want to install single-player, that'll be doable.


Some keen-eyed Sony fans at GamesRadar report that a handful of retailers, such as GAME in the UK, Best Buy in the US, and Game Mania in the Netherlands have launched sign-up pages online.

Here, you can sign up and they'll let you know the second the PS5 will be available to pre-order. Worth a punt if you ask us.