Nintendo Switch JC-20 Gioteck controllers Review - Should you buy the 'budget' controllers from Argos or game?

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Gamers are always looking for new controllers - whether it's due to wanting to play with your mates or raging at a game of FIFA - you can either fork out the big bucks or stick with budget controllers... it is really up to you!

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch three years ago it has become the go-to console for couch co-op gaming.

Multiple controllers are a necessity for Switch owners - how else are you going to Destroy up to 7 of your mates on Mario Kart? (if you have that many friends).

We recently took a look at one such option, the JC-20 Switch controllers from Gioteck


Unlike the traditional Nintendo Switch controllers that you can get with the console - Gioteck's 'budget' JC-20s have a curve to them with a slight bump on the back to allow more for a natural hand position.

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CURVY - These bad boys will fit in your hands nicely

When using the controllers to play an extensive session of 'Ori and the Blind Forest' on the daily commute, the buttons were just as comfortable and responsive as the classic Switch controllers.

The joy-con thumbsticks are slightly smaller than the originals - this can make for some uncomfortable situations (or thumb slippage in particularly heated gamer moments).

But it's an easy fix with some third-party thumb-stick covers.

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We found there was a slight connectivity lag from when you power on the switch to being able to use the joy-cons.

Sometimes the left joy-con fires up but the right is inactive and vice-versa. A small problem and is easily resolved with either a little patience or turning the switch off-and-on again. 


As mentioned previously, the JC-20s have a slight curve to them which also makes them slightly larger than Nintendo's stock controllers.

This combined with the slight bump on the back of each controller makes for a great feel - especially for extended gaming sessions.

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SWITCHATHON: You'll have no issue using the JC-20s for longer periods of gaming

For those with larger hands, they may find the smaller thumbsticks to be an issue - however, once you readjust to the new size you will barely notice.

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When flipping the controllers into side mode they remain comfortable, which is good news to those looking for spare controllers for multiplayer!


The general comfort of the design is really top-notch! Some may even find it preferable to the traditional Switch controllers.

The proportions of the JC-20s mean that, when attached to the console, it can be a struggle to fit them into a traditionally sized case.

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Gioteck does sell their own custom cases, so this may solve the issue - however, we are yet to test it out.


As with all Gioteck's products, the price is always the glowing beacon of joy and hope.

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BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: The JC-20s are almost £30 cheaper than Nintendo's model

With the JC-20s retailing at just £34.99 on Argos they are a whole £28.85 cheaper than Nintendo's default controllers, which are on Amazon for £63.84!



The Gioteck JC-20s don't include the handheld attachments that make using the controller horizontally easier.

However, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to smash out some multiplayer games with the gang these controllers are for you!

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