Gioteck release Fortnite-Inspired PS4 and Nintendo Controllers – Review, cost and more

Gioteck have released three new colourful controllers to celebrate Fortnite’s split-screen mode.

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It’s no secret just how expensive some controllers can cost – Sony’s official PlayStation controller is priced at £44.99 on Amazon!

Therefore, more affordable alternatives, such as Gioteck’s range of PS4 and Nintendo Switch controllers, make for great purchases.

We’ve already reviewed Gioteck’s VX-4 standard wireless PS4 controller and standard WX-4 wireless Switch controller – now the company has expanded its range with a number of Fortnite-Inspired models!

Gioteck’s Fortnite-Inspired Controllers

Gioteck has released two new PS4 VX-4 controllers (wired and wireless) and a new Nintendo Switch WX-4 controller.

VX-4 PS4 Controllers

The VX-4 purple wireless controller takes inspiration from the original Fortnite purple logo and it’s available for £34.99 on Argos.

gioteck fortnite ps4 controller cheap
THE O.G: The purple PS4 controller is inspired by the original Fortnite colours

The VX-4 arctic-camo wired controller is a cheaper alternative at £19.99 on Argos, but still sports a cool, battle-hardened design.

vx4 wired ps4 controller cheap fortnite
CHEAP AS CHIPS: The wired camo VX-4 controller is less than half the price of a Sony controller!

VX-4 PS4 Controllers Review

The VX-4’s performance is good – the buttons are perfectly responsive and the anti-slip rubber thumbsticks have fantastic grip.

The controllers also have a rather slick design and the rounded shape makes up a neat looking controller.

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The only issue is that the matte plastic finish does mean the controller gets a little slippery from sweaty palms during elongated gaming sessions.

Nevertheless, for the price, you can’t go far wrong. Check out our full VX-4 controller review here.

WX-4 Nintendo Switch Controller

The WX-4 Nintendo Switch wireless controller has the same arctic-camo style as the wired VX-4 PS4 controller and is available for £29.99 at Argos.

nintendo switch cheap controller wx4 fortnite
ICY COOL: The Gioteck Switch controller sports an Arctic Camo design

WX-4 Nintendo Switch Controller Review

Not only did the controller perform well, but the only fault is that the analogue sticks could be too responsive! (An easy fix in the settings of most games.)

The battery life was top-notch – lasting for, (by our count) at least 6 hours and counting!

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It has the glossy sleek look we have come to expect from console controllers and is incredibly light!

The comfort that this controller provides over standard joycons is perhaps its best feature!

For our full review of the WX-4 Switch controller, head here.

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