Xbox Series X Revealed - World Premier Trailer

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Microsoft has shocked the world with a sudden world premiere of the new-look Xbox coming Holiday season 2020.

The project was once dubbed Project Scarlett now has a new named called Series X. Check out the first look trailer below.


The brand new Xbox console has been noted to be the most powerful console ever produced and they even showcased some gameplay footage taken on the new Xbox.

Series X seems to be a much larger version of the current generation Xbox, this can be attributed to the increased hardware of Series X.

Whether or not you are an Xbox fan, it is an exciting time to be a gamer and holiday season 2020 will be one for the history books.

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Everything We Know!

Our very own Julian Sims has detailed all the juicy information that you need to know about the looming release of the new Project X.


Microsoft confirmed that the next-generation console will be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X, and provides four times better performance than the current generation in terms of load times.

Concept designs for the Xbox Two have been leaked in recent months
Concept designs for the Xbox Two have been leaked in recent months

As for the actual Xbox Project Scarlett specs, we have been promised 120 FPS, 8K, and ray tracing supported by dedicated hardware.

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In fact, one Microsoft employee promised “frame rates we’ve never seen before,” though that’s surely not accounting for modern PC hardware.

As for 8K and 120 FPS, they make great headlines, but the reality is that you’d have to be running an extremely basic game on the most powerful of PC hardware to approach anything like those numbers, let alone simultaneously.


Check out the full details here!